Our Secret

We shape clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want-

Today we ask of you, to:

– Think of someone who may have hurt or betrayed you and begin the process of forgiving them (maybe, this could be you).

– Write down (like right now) one “thing” that has made you feel alive today.

– Call a friend, family member or loved one who may be ill or down on their luck and ask what you can do to help.

– Smile.

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The Workout-

In this order:  Crocodile Breathing – Dead Man Roll(s) – KB Arm Bars (ask before you do these*) – Perfect Turkish Get Ups

*If your goal is to look this movement up on The Google Machine, use a heavy weight and tear your fragile shoulders up this afternoon?  Have at it.*


Try to make a commitment today, to experiencing joy in whatever you do, forgiving after having been wronged (NHL LockoutLance Armstrong), sharing compassion with others … Be in awe of nature and the world around you.

CultFit Forgive

What Are You On?!?

No Quote Needed-

Grappling With Forgiveness

To return to the root is to find peace. To find peace is to fulfill one’s destiny-

Long painful story made short:  In order to reach our goals we need to forgive ourselves first.  That’s it, we promise.

What happens when you set a goal for  yourself and then fail to reach it?  Run a marathon in under 2:30:00?  5k Under 20 minutes?  Go a day without forgetting something important, are just a few examples.  Failing to reach our goals happens to all of us each and every day.

For many,  simply finishing a race is not enough.  We want each and every event to be a record smashing success.  Breaking goals and records each and every time we head out of the door.  If only this was true  …

What race are you running? And what are the failures, big or small, you’re kicking around in your head this morning?  Did you have a great race this past weekend, but finished in such poor shape that you vowed never to put yourself in another similar situation again?

Over the years and through many failures along the way.  One thought rings true:  You will always have another chance, Next weekend, next month and hopefully next year.  If you’re facing a recent failure learn to accept and forgive yourself first (Lance Armstrong is a prime example) .

There is no good reason to punish yourself after a failure, no matter what it may be.  Forgive and take the next step forward.

**We originally had penned a really nasty post brim full of seething words aimed at this whole Lance Armstrong debacle.  Remember:  Write drunk – Edit sober … **

The Plan-

The Workout-

A nice quick Warm Up consisting of either a Pulse Trail Run or Hill Sprints?

25 Hardstyle KB Swings (heavy – ish)
Cartwheels (To each side)
Standing Broad Jumps (Full and Open Hip Activation)

Lets try to keep this program going for 30 minutes shale we?


Forgive and move forward.  Hey, sometimes it’s rather hard to forgive ourselves … Totally normal peeps!  Have a great day today and ENJOY!!!

Motif: Complaining


Think off-center-

Howdy peeps and good morning/afternoon/evening!  Contrary to popular belief and with all the rumors flying around the inter-webz:  We do not write blog-0-posts as a journalistic effort.  Meaning, what we have here is a discussion and often times these posts are written in advance.  The news today is that Lance Armstrong is tossing in the towel and turning the proverbial page in his life.  To that we say:  Good for him.  Over the weekend we’ll write-up something about this fascinating story!

Lance never failed a drug test, simple.  The media and everything you will read will spin this story into a neat little agenda filled mess.  At this point there are ZERO peeps who are straddling the proverbial “fence” with their opinion of Lance.  Either you think he did or didn’t?!?  If it takes the USADA to sway your decision?  We honestly feel sorry for you.

The Plan-

Catch up on some “light” reading over the weekend.

**FYI- Orange: College.  Green: Drunk.   Red: Tonight.  Yellow: You don’t want to know … **

The Workout-

A nice snappy Warm Up and break out the nail polish!!!

Ladies-  Paint your middle finger nails a different color, maybe red?

Dudes-  Paint your middle fingers  a color of some sort and don’t act like your daughter never has done this before!!!  Or take a sharpie and mark an “X”

Now the fun part:

100 Perfect Push Ups to a Rotating (twist) Side Plank (Each Arm)

While descending into the bottom of your Push Up make eye contact with your pretty middle finger and KEEP your eyes on this while rotating through to the Side Plank.  Something magical will happen … A graceful – solid – plank.  Spend a few second up here and allow your eyes and hand to guide you back to the floor.  This is not a contest or sword fight today.  Pattern and practice this graceful movement!


We wish you the best this weekend and ENJOY!!!