Rack My Mind

Men [and women] feel disturbed not by things, but by the views they take of them-

How many of us hold onto pain long after being hurt by someone close to us?  If there is one thing we all share in common … Bearing a grudge against others consistently holds us back.   It’s completely natural to experience the full spectrum of emotions ranging from anxiety through to anger and sadness when we grudgingly hold onto pain.  Holding on, however, hinders the natural process of emotional healing from reaching resolution.

Let’s remember that forgiveness is simply not about forgetting, excusing or rationalizing what has happened to us.  Forgiveness does not involve forgoing justice, or relinquishing any claim to reparation that is due.  To forgive is quite possibly the hardest thing we will ever do in our lives … Yes, even harder than a Warrior Dash.  Forgiving others requires courage and maturity to listen to and feel the pain, accept the loss and most importantly:  Pressing on with life.

The Plan-

The Workout-

We recently uncovered this program from our Forgiveness series of programs here at CultFit.

Gently pick up your trusty Kettle Bell and let’s go for a Walk.

Alternating Goblet Squat Pivots … Settle, ease in and out of the bottom position.

One Arm Waiters Walk … Each Arm.  Axilla?!?  Fully open to the world!

Don’t fret or worry about reps or sets.  Just go for a Walk.


The hardest person to forgive?  Yourself.  Be well today and ENJOY!!!

Grappling With Forgiveness

To return to the root is to find peace. To find peace is to fulfill one’s destiny-

Long painful story made short:  In order to reach our goals we need to forgive ourselves first.  That’s it, we promise.

What happens when you set a goal for  yourself and then fail to reach it?  Run a marathon in under 2:30:00?  5k Under 20 minutes?  Go a day without forgetting something important, are just a few examples.  Failing to reach our goals happens to all of us each and every day.

For many,  simply finishing a race is not enough.  We want each and every event to be a record smashing success.  Breaking goals and records each and every time we head out of the door.  If only this was true  …

What race are you running? And what are the failures, big or small, you’re kicking around in your head this morning?  Did you have a great race this past weekend, but finished in such poor shape that you vowed never to put yourself in another similar situation again?

Over the years and through many failures along the way.  One thought rings true:  You will always have another chance, Next weekend, next month and hopefully next year.  If you’re facing a recent failure learn to accept and forgive yourself first (Lance Armstrong is a prime example) .

There is no good reason to punish yourself after a failure, no matter what it may be.  Forgive and take the next step forward.

**We originally had penned a really nasty post brim full of seething words aimed at this whole Lance Armstrong debacle.  Remember:  Write drunk – Edit sober … **

The Plan-

The Workout-

A nice quick Warm Up consisting of either a Pulse Trail Run or Hill Sprints?

25 Hardstyle KB Swings (heavy – ish)
Cartwheels (To each side)
Standing Broad Jumps (Full and Open Hip Activation)

Lets try to keep this program going for 30 minutes shale we?


Forgive and move forward.  Hey, sometimes it’s rather hard to forgive ourselves … Totally normal peeps!  Have a great day today and ENJOY!!!