Motif: Complaining


Think off-center-

Howdy peeps and good morning/afternoon/evening!  Contrary to popular belief and with all the rumors flying around the inter-webz:  We do not write blog-0-posts as a journalistic effort.  Meaning, what we have here is a discussion and often times these posts are written in advance.  The news today is that Lance Armstrong is tossing in the towel and turning the proverbial page in his life.  To that we say:  Good for him.  Over the weekend we’ll write-up something about this fascinating story!

Lance never failed a drug test, simple.  The media and everything you will read will spin this story into a neat little agenda filled mess.  At this point there are ZERO peeps who are straddling the proverbial “fence” with their opinion of Lance.  Either you think he did or didn’t?!?  If it takes the USADA to sway your decision?  We honestly feel sorry for you.

The Plan-

Catch up on some “light” reading over the weekend.

**FYI- Orange: College.  Green: Drunk.   Red: Tonight.  Yellow: You don’t want to know … **

The Workout-

A nice snappy Warm Up and break out the nail polish!!!

Ladies-  Paint your middle finger nails a different color, maybe red?

Dudes-  Paint your middle fingers  a color of some sort and don’t act like your daughter never has done this before!!!  Or take a sharpie and mark an “X”

Now the fun part:

100 Perfect Push Ups to a Rotating (twist) Side Plank (Each Arm)

While descending into the bottom of your Push Up make eye contact with your pretty middle finger and KEEP your eyes on this while rotating through to the Side Plank.  Something magical will happen … A graceful – solid – plank.  Spend a few second up here and allow your eyes and hand to guide you back to the floor.  This is not a contest or sword fight today.  Pattern and practice this graceful movement!


We wish you the best this weekend and ENJOY!!!

26 Comments on “Motif: Complaining”

  1. Have a fun and safe weekend 🙂

  2. Roc Wieler says:

    Or if you are a “manly” man who can’t bring himself to paint a nail, a bandaid wrapped around it also works well.

  3. Sandra says:

    I’m loving the STTNG references . . . Love Data, ADORE Picard. . .

  4. fitnessclyde says:

    Viva Le lance!

  5. flamidwyfe says:

    Indy good on Lance. We all know he won those races… It’s been a witch hunt!
    Can you give me back my marked copy of 50 Shades? I was wondering where it went!! 🙂

    • CultFit says:

      You are so right, this whole debacle has been a witch hunt. To me, the story is black and white. Everyone else makes into a frothy, muddled grey … Speaking of Grey? I’m almost finished and I’ll get it back to you on Monday. If that is OK with you?!? Take care and have a good one!!!

      • flamidwyfe says:

        I admire Lance for walking away. At some point you put your health and emotional well-being first.
        And thank for the return, lol… Try not to lose any of those page markers 😀

  6. Will. never. read. that. book.


  7. garagegym107 says:

    Have read that book just to see how it is that my college boy knew more about it than I did.

  8. vgrandja says:

    I heard about him first thing when I woke up this morning. I’m not following the story and so my response is based only what I have heard on the radio news.

    And that is that Lance pleaded guilty. I don’t know what to do…when I wake up I want to wake up with happy thoughts – not other people’s issues.

    • CultFit says:

      I love happy thoughts in the AM. Its one of the main reasons why I don’t watch or listen to the news much anymore. We should understand that Lance did not say he was guilty, he just refused to go to arbitration.
      The “spin” in the news media today is enough to drive you mad. This story os very complicated and complex with all the parties involved. Anyways, Have a great weekend and GO BLUE JAYS!!!

      • vgrandja says:

        I agree…I just heard of Lance that one time and of course it was too much info for me – wondering what the story was behind it, too. It’s okay. I don’t need to know. I’ll just conclude that he could be innocent and someone just wants to oust him out. Because he’s too good! Competition will do that too people…crossing the line, hurting others.

        That’s right…only happy stuff in the morning. Have a nice weekend! Looking forward to more of your provoking posts. Don’t worry…I like provocation, it gets me to think and keeps me on my toes when nothing else wakes me up. Thanks for that!

  9. lizforaday says:

    Lance is a fantastic athlete. It will be interesting to see what the next chapter holds for him. Now he can put the old player haters behind him and pick up some new ones. 🙂 You can’t really get rid of them altogether.

    • CultFit says:

      I’m doing a lot of soul searching as to why this story bugs me so much. Part of it is the media and as you eluded to: the haters of the world.
      People take so much pride and satisfaction of kicking someone they are down, wrong or right. No matter what he did the right thing for himself and to that I say good for him.
      Be sure to enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  10. I love the fifty shades post-its! That is soooooo funny!! I’m on book 3. 🙂

  11. I hear that book is a sizzler. Don’t know why I don’t have it yet…

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