Don’t Start Me Talking

If I can bicycle, I bicycle-

Last week we posted a list of links about the perils facing runners when they lace ’em up and head out for a brisk run  This morning while sipping on some freshly brewed orange tea we decided to put together a list of perils facing cyclist.  Few things in life are worse than getting hit by a car.  Typically driven by a yoga mom experiencing difficulties navigating to the studio with her new iPhone 5.  Unlike runners who are advised to run against traffic, cyclist or at least the law-abiding ones should follow the rules of the road.  Which present a fresh set of challenges to our two-wheeled friends to say the least.  So without further ado … Allow us to suck the joy out of your lovely Thursday morning.

Experienced Cyclist

Injured Courier Warns Other Cyclist

Killed By Hit and Run

Cyclist Hit By Train

Struck By Car

Patience is a Virtue

Cycle Harassment

Cycle Sandwich

Cyclist Knifed a Dude

Cyclist Shot by a Pellet Gun


Magpie In The Sky

Cyclist Hits Bambi

The Plan-

Click HERE because you know you want to!

The Workout-

Rest Day … The temperature outdoors begs us to go for a Run yet our bodies scream for a morning filled with Yoga and Meditation.  Not in a crowded Yoga Studio …Maybe a trip to the park would do the trick?!?



If you are a cyclist and see this image in front of you while stopped at a red light?  Consider yourself lucky  … ENJOY!!!

38 Comments on “Don’t Start Me Talking”

  1. Is there a boy version of that pillow? That may be my fate as well, sharing a milkshake with my man pillow..*sigh* Hmm I think of have a blog entry brewing 🙂

  2. My husband was hit by a car on his bike just this past weekend – ugh! Luckily he was only bruised up with no broken bones but his road bike was totalled. Bikers be carefull!

    • CultFit says:

      I’m relived to hear that your hubby is doing OK! The last time I visited the other side of a hedge, my bike was destroyed as well. I bitched and moaned about it for a week … Leave it to my Wife to remind me that at least I was alive to complain. 😉 Take care and be well!!!

  3. urbanbeings says:

    esh, don’t get me started on the perils of cycling, London is the worst, or rather, the drivers are! Saying that some of the cyclists are insane, pedestrians watch out! meep!

  4. I didn’t see wildlife concerns on your list. I hit a raccoon that was crossing the road on a twisty, fast descent which caused a bent wheel and some road rash. Raccoon rubbed its head, laughed at me and ran away. Luckily have avoided getting hit by a vehicle though I’m sure anyone who rides frequently has a number of close call stories.

    • CultFit says:

      Per your request I have added a couple of animal links to our list. Raccoons, Skunks and Wild Turkeys are a problem around here this time of year. Part of me thinks these little critters have a blast telling their mates how they ruined a riders day. 😉

  5. LizForADay says:

    LOL! Team Menstrual Cycles…You out did yourself with that one. LOL! Hilarious. 🙂

    On a serious note, I have a bike, but I don’t ride it much. Why? Because I am terrified of getting hit. I will only ride it on a trail. That sucks, because sometimes you just want to grab your bike and go. Oh well, I will stick to the trails for now.

    • CultFit says:

      This is going to sound really crazy although trails are just as bad. Its the people on the trails. Headphones in and oblivious to the world. Riding a bike is like anything else and has its share of dangers. Being aware of your surroundings goes a long ways to having a safe enjoyable ride.

      Oh you know you want one of these shirts … 😉 Just say it!

    • My husband is certified by the League of American Bicyclists to teach people how to safely ride in traffic. FYI, 75% of bicycle accidents are falls. And there are many who subscribe to the belief that riding a bike is safer than driving a car! Start out on neighboring roads that aren’t very busy until you build confidence. We travel everywhere by bike with our small kids. It’s less about trusting the cars than trusting yourself!

      Safely riding in the road looks like this:

      Ride 3 feet from the curb or as far as you need to be to stay safely out of debris.

      Pass parked cars with this in mind: imagine every door open and ride 18″ farther out.

      Accept that motorists will think they own the road.

      Focus on the motorists who give you a wide birth and a smile.

  6. Somer says:

    Know too many bikers who have been hit by cars. Trails all the way!

  7. garagegym107 says:

    This is a topic very near and dear to me. I haven’t ridden in 3 years. Our area isn’t bike friendly at all. Within 1 month of each other my friend’s husband had a fatal heart attack while leading a beginners group on a road ride. Exactly 1 month later my friend was struck from behind and fatally injured. I haven’t had the nerve to get my beautiful bike out and ride in 3 years. Sniff… I miss my bike and my friends. 😉

  8. My cycling skills are rather weak so I stay to the trails for the most part. I do like your “if I can bicycle, I bicycle.” I do this with running. I have on a single run 1) returned books to the library; 2) dropped off some stuff at a friend’s house, sticking in under her door mat; 3) dropped a race application at the Y; 4) picked up stamps at the post office and mailed a couple of items and 5) made my way back home; roughly an 11 mile course. I’m always in search of a more comfortable back pack for these errands.

  9. Jill says:

    I have to ask, what are all the “yoga mom” references about? Sometimes I think it is cute, other times I think I should be offended. Tell me.

    • CultFit says:

      I have a coin with one side that says “yoga moms” and the other side says “granola cruncher” … The yoga moms have been on a roll of late …
      Not too long ago I conducted a non-scientific study while dropping the little one off at school before I went to teach yoga … 97.28% of the “moms” were wearing “yoga” pants, hence yoga moms. I call it, as I see it. Just saying. 😉 Hmm maybe I struck a nerve?!?

  10. bopspeed says:

    When my husband told me he decided to cycle to work (about 6 miles one way with two major interchanges to cross) to remain fit, I took him to the most expensive shop. Thank God he changed his mind. Drivers here in Bahrain couldn’t give a cat’s whisker about motorbikes, what more the cyclists.

    • CultFit says:

      I can only imagine how stressing this was for you. My wife freaks out if I’m gone too long for a ride or sees my car in the garage in the morning (I rode to work).
      I hope you and family have a great weekend, be well!!!

  11. The League of American Bicyclists offers a class called Traffic Skills 101 and is just what you might think. Any League Certified Instructor (LCI) can teach this course and you can use their website to find LCIs near you.

    A cyclist was killed here last December; struck while crossing a bridge. Many people say, “Why would you ride on the Fahy Bridge?! That guy got killed!” We say,”Why would you drive on the Fahy Bridge?! A car killed a guy there!”

  12. bgddyjim says:

    Buzzkill. LOL. 😉

  13. Day's Run says:

    I got injured running and turned to biking for therapy. Bought a road bike just in case I move over to triathlons. Sticking to paved trails and close to come until I get better at it. Darn toe clips! I rode my mountain bike on Oahu, Hawaii and Naples, Italy. Hawaii was great. Italy was very dangerous. Heck it’s hard to drive there! Thanks for the advice.

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