Save Me

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost, that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them-

Buckle up Poets, Scribes, Word Smiths, Yoga Moms/Dads and Curious Minded Fitness peeps

CultFit You

How do you think about engaging in a healthy lifestyle, while at yoga- running etc.

When the poet or writer sits down, lost in the creative consideration of their ideas, “things” and processes not immediately present.  Our experiences are composed of touch, visual and maybe even perhaps olfactory sensations (the reward of smelling stinky after a nice run).  Our imagination of visual images, the feelings of our body, gentle rhythms being played out around us and the blissful patterns we are creating …

Please consider this profound thought this fine Wednesday morning:

Just as the verbal skills we associate with writing are not primary to the creative process.  The same thought applies to how you create your workout program (anything goes- X-Fit, Boot Camp, Yoga, Pilates … ).  The movements should be secondary … Allow your imagination to run wild and find passion in the way you express yourself.  The words, the movement you put forth.

The Plan-

Ladies of CultFit?!?  This is what “Guys” like.

CultFit This

The Workout:

If you need this space here for your motivation to workout today?  It’s not here as a prompt to awaken your heart … Look inside yourself and only in there will you find what you truly want to do today.

CultFit Rain

If it matters?  We went for a nice Walk and did some Balance Beam work and a few dozen Perfect Pull Ups, Heaven.


All too often we struggle to find the meaning to why we workout, write daily or check in Four Square?!?  Are you merely going through the motions of life or do you embody who and what you are … ENJOY!!!

CultFit Duplicator

6 Comments on “Save Me”

  1. Stop. making. me. think. deeply.
    It’s pushing me out of my comfort zone.
    As always, thanks for a great post.

    • CultFit says:

      When we step out of our comfort zones? This is when things start to get interesting. 😉
      I try to keep my writing pithy and flowing, this topic is something I struggle with to explain in as few words as possible. As a writer looking to put words together as inspiration? It can be a dead end road. A smile, a walk or a simple lunch with a good friend is all the inspiration we need. I feel the same applies when we look for inspiration to get active and healthy … All this stuff is boring anyways! You have a new Jeep that needs to get properly muddy!!!

  2. garagegym107 says:

    Two simple words for you today. Thank you, I’ve greatly missed reading your writing these past few days.

  3. […] to find the courage to be optimistic!”) and Open Slowly, Never Be the Same, and of course, Save Me (“Are you merely going through the motions of life, or do you embody who you are and what you […]

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