What Ever You Do … Do Sweetly

 … Remember, Remember The fifth of November.  The DeLorean and Calvin Klein.  I know not of what you were stricken to call Marty McFly chicken for your fates will surely entwine.  Doc Brown hit his head and for his stitch and suture, made it possible to go Back to the Future. Given the chance you would, Introduce the world to Johnny B. Goode and if you think there’s another reason for this date of the year, then make like a tree and get out of here-

Quick question to start our discussion:  Was Guy Fawkes merely being Reactive or Creative when he decided to hatch the Gunpowder Plot?

Chances are Mr. Fawkes knew what the right thing to do was and even wanted to do what is right … Then he walked into the houses of parliament.

Because he was afraid. Guy Fawkes lacked the courage to support his convictions in a meaningful way.

So how in the world do we draw a parallel between a terrorist and you, average trendy peep of the 21st century?  Simply: We need passionate courage to face the unknown challenges that confront us.  We need vast amounts of courage to let go of our irrational fears that hold us back each and every morning.

We need courage to be ourselves, to be authentic and to take responsibility for our actions.  We need to be courageous in order to overcome our fears of rejection and disapproval from others.  You may have never thought of this before although it takes courage to accept criticism and openly admit to mistakes.

Harvesting courage frees each and every one of us, to find new and better ways of being Authentic … You.

Most of us are held captive, prisoners of our own fears and fear of the unknown.

The Plan-

Link of the day: Time Management

The Workout-

A quick Trail Run/Hike/Swim or Walk to begin the festivities.  Followed by:

Shuttle Runs-

5m Out and Back + 10 Perfect Push Ups

10m Out and Back + 10 HEAVY Goblet Squats

15m Out and Back + 10 HEAVY Hard Style KB Swings

20m Out and Back + 10 Heavy KB Snatch

Mr. Fawkes would have done this for 30 minutes, or 3-4 times through.


Remember this day as the day you kicked fear in the FACE!  Guy Fawkes was found guarding some barrels of gun powder around midnight on 4 November 1605, barrels full of fear.  Take care today and ENJOY!!!

Long Halloween

They asked me what I was reading – and laughed when I told them Batman.  Probably thought to themselves, Oh, he’s a graphic novel lover.And I am – but not for why they think.  Instead I’m modeling.

And then the argument with a friend over the fact that Batman is a fictional character made up out of someone’s imagination – like stating the obvious is going to change the fact that even he doesn’t understand.

I’m never going to be rich like Bruce Wayne, but it’s the archetype that I’m tapping into.  It’s no different than studying Greek mythology to understand fundamental human behaviour we all have inside of us. I’m a martial artist – whereby the martial arts has affected the way I live my life. Reading Batman allows me to tap into a world where being better than human is possible – and that means I can try to bridge that gap in my own mind.  One thing is very clear to me: whether Bruce is real or not, he trained his ass off in the martial arts in order to do what he’s able to do. While he’s got all the gadgets in the world, hard work and time spent in the arts are the two things that really come out when he’s fighting.  And that’s something I can aspire to.

Read comics.  Be better than human.


The Plan-

The Workout-

Rest Day … It’s the perfect night to go for a Brisk Walk with the little ones!


Much respect to CTK for dropping a terse message in our lap this fine morning.  We prefer terse, pithy and dense messages around these parts!  Bundle up, be safe tonight and most importantly … ENJOY!!!

Huracán Sandy: Update!

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Know what I mean-

**BREAKING NEWS- There is a hurricane in ‘Merica**