Long Halloween

They asked me what I was reading – and laughed when I told them Batman.  Probably thought to themselves, Oh, he’s a graphic novel lover.And I am – but not for why they think.  Instead I’m modeling.

And then the argument with a friend over the fact that Batman is a fictional character made up out of someone’s imagination – like stating the obvious is going to change the fact that even he doesn’t understand.

I’m never going to be rich like Bruce Wayne, but it’s the archetype that I’m tapping into.  It’s no different than studying Greek mythology to understand fundamental human behaviour we all have inside of us. I’m a martial artist – whereby the martial arts has affected the way I live my life. Reading Batman allows me to tap into a world where being better than human is possible – and that means I can try to bridge that gap in my own mind.  One thing is very clear to me: whether Bruce is real or not, he trained his ass off in the martial arts in order to do what he’s able to do. While he’s got all the gadgets in the world, hard work and time spent in the arts are the two things that really come out when he’s fighting.  And that’s something I can aspire to.

Read comics.  Be better than human.


The Plan-

The Workout-

Rest Day … It’s the perfect night to go for a Brisk Walk with the little ones!


Much respect to CTK for dropping a terse message in our lap this fine morning.  We prefer terse, pithy and dense messages around these parts!  Bundle up, be safe tonight and most importantly … ENJOY!!!

14 Comments on “Long Halloween”

  1. urbanbeings says:

    Happy Halloween! have a great time tonight! 🙂

  2. Jill says:

    “Be better than human” has a spiritual connotation too – LOVE IT!

  3. 🙂 Love today’s post. As a Ms. Marvel fan myself, I understand. Rock on, Batman/BW!

  4. hiddinsight says:

    LOVE IT. I’m feeling better than human already…

  5. Enjoy your reading…Happy Halloween 🙂

  6. sonofwalt says:

    Gotta share this. 🙂 Part of what I always liked about Batman was that he was (and I know it’s a stretch) a possibility, not a hero with super powers exactly, something to aspire to in a sense.

    • CultFit says:

      Excellent point mate! You and I both share the same feelings in regards to aspiring, reaching a higher state of consciousness/ability without having super powers … Take care and thank you for your continued support!

  7. Robinson says:

    It makes you disappointed in Bill Gates, doesn’t it? I mean he is richer than Batman, but he isn’t out beating people up….

  8. Taninja says:

    I really like Batman… but for pure cartonic enjoyment – and a dark sense of humor try LOBO! (That’s some funny sh*) Belated Halloween hugs,

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