Cool Place to Park

Seven attitudinal factors constitute the major pillars of mindfulness practice: They are non-judging, patience, a beginner’s mind, trust, non-striving, acceptance, and letting go-

Day after day in my blog-o-thing reader, I read stories from passionate men and women who have been neglecting their bodies. They lead the lives of a secret double agent, as they try to hide the pain from themselves and from others close by who love them. They go through heart wrenching injuries, blog about said injuries, all the while inflicting tremendous pain on their children, friends and family. Or they try to make a desperate, tear filled, heartless effort at holding on to the shreds of a life they had before they kept re-injuring themselves.

They tell stories dutifully detailing the pain they have gone through for a quick thrill, a medal and a t-shirt or a furtive moment of being superior to their peers. Oftentimes they lament not remembering making the decisions that tore apart their knee, their back, their life: “It just happened …“.

It’s easy to judge from the outside looking in on this madness. How could someone risk everything in life, for what really?

The Workout-

Our signature Workout. The perfect fusion of body weight work, breathing control and being present in every moment.

One Minute Hand Stand Hold

One Minute High Push Up Plank

How many times through is up to you?!?


I want to spend the rest of this week talking about three, immensely powerful words: Stillness, Awareness and Comfort. It really has taken two years and 600 posts to come up with just three words. STILLNESS, AWARENESS and COMFORT…  Something to think about this evening as you take pictures of your feet, while resting an icepack on your sore knee.

CultFit Sadness

Chicks Are For Kids

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience-

It’s fair to say that on any given day we spew a fair amount of rubbish at you while reading these dreadful posts.  Seriously?!?  How masculine and tough are words like: Forgiveness, Patience, Mindfulness, Meaningful and Purpose?  These timid words would be slashed to a bloody pulp during a knife fight with:  Extreme, ELITE, Warrior, Tough and OMG!

When was the last time you saw some bro wearing an Affliction-T with Purposewritten on it?!?  Like never …

The true mark of a  spouse/friend/soul mate/bro is the keen ability to see the future, beyond our present circumstance.  Each and every day we are bombarded by what is going on around us.

If only turning away and ignoring all these stimuli were so easy.  We are so immersed in the present, filled to the brim with anxiety, that we simply fail to choose our course of action.  Not only for today but for tomorrow as well.

Breaking News:  Your happiness is a choice that you make.

Peeps (even if you are in Manitoba), take a gander around you.  Not later, right now!  Let go of the world around and just “Be Yourself” in this moment (reading CultFit … JaJa pretty sad).  Sit on the edge of the tub, look in the mirror and feel this brilliant, simple moment.

Quick Morning Read

The Plan-

The Workout-

A nice Trail Run/Walk followed by:

The Dreaded CultFit Plank Series … All of our plank movements start from standing, hinge – walk out.

High Push Up Plank, Low Push Up Plank, Rotating Side Plank (each arm), Heart Beat Walk (50 pumps), Reverse Plank, Handstand Hold.

30 minutes focusing on pure body control and breathing (Key Word: Patience).  Form, Flow, Grace!


Today is the day, ENJOY!!!

Wednesday 18 April 2012

New leaves and old roots are what makes a tree magnificent.  New knowledge and old principles meld to become dharma.  If wisdom of the sages can blend with the new sciences, It would be for the benefit to humanity-

Today’s sign of the Apocalypse: NYC’s most extreme workout

Each and every one of you taking the precious time to read this morning have a unique talent of some sort or another.  If you feel the need to decree to the blog-o-sphere what that talent may be?  Please leave a comment at the end today.  YogaMom/Extreme Fitness Peep?  Is this your talent:

Give us a moment to center ourselves here and…Hmm, Hmm Ok…How about entertaining this thought for a second:  Dedicate yourself to right now, this very moment!  Painfully forget about whether or not you have “found your talent”…How about finding our lives!?!

Sadly in today’s culture, it is so very easy to think that being talented, popular, the mayor of your pilates studio on Four Square or 400 friends on Facebook is the ultimate end goal.  From the moment we awake in the morning we are conditioned to believe that our achievements are what makes us interesting, influential, and special.

You know what is important in your life?  What truly matters on a deep, heart-felt personal level…is up to each of us!!!

The Plan-

The Workout-

Cleverly pulled from our “Spring Medley” series…

There are Warm Ups and then there are Warm the Joints Up…Two entirely different sexy beasts!

Today we will perform both…Warm Up into a nice lather doing something you enjoy and then Warm Up the Joints:

5-4-3-2-1 Hammer Curls to a One Arm Perfect Press (Feet together, toes actively grabbing the earth beneath you, eyes look through the press!!!) followed by:

10 Perfect Push Ups

Quick question peeps?  When you walk are you not performing a plank?  And when you perform a One Arm Press?  Hmm…Why is it then when you do a plank it looks like hell?  Do you walk funny…So on that note how about a nice Plank Medley?

Focus more on form than time today and everyday for that matter…All Planks begin with a Hinge Walk Out!!!

High Plank, Low Plank (chin barely touching floor), Side Planks w/press (look through the weight), Fore Arm Plank…Stand up and with the heavy kettle bells (or any other heavy object – KIDS!!!) you neatly placed nearby earlier: Rack Hold Farmers Walk 40m Out and Back.

How many times through is up to you!  10+ would be something to brag about via a tweet…


Patience, Form, Flow and Grace today dear reader.  Have fun and ENJOY!!!

Tuesday 31 January 2012

If you believe everything you read, better not read-

Today’s sign of the apocalypse:


Stay classy dear friends…

We have been asked numerous times in the past to provide some sort of evidence that there really is a CultFit HQ.  So to quell all the lurkers…

The Plan-

We get asked all sorts of questions around here from day-to-day.  A classic example of one:  “Like yo bro’s I have tried all the programs out there on the inter-webz and nothing seems to work?”

The answer is surprisingly simple and we have secretly been throwing it towards you since our first post some time ago: Walking and Meditation – Simplicity in form and function.

On any given day Uncle Pliny is working away on the Amiga scanning email, finally he has reported back with something tangible:  Only .98% of our readers are truly exceptional and gifted athletes (re-read that again aloud pretty please).

To put it nicely for all the fragile types reading this morning sipping on a horrid tasting VitaCoCo (dare we say the Stella Artois of coconut waters?)  You are hopelessly addicted to a failed fitness/health relationship.  We need to look deep whiten ourselves and become aware of the decisions we make in regards to fitness and health.  Only when we are completely comfortable with ourselves will we be able to put a foot forward in good faith to a better lifestyle.

The Workout-

This workout was provided by a dear friend of ours, Sister Harriet.  No she didn’t take from that Pinterest site thingy (we hope):

Warm-Up any way you see fit followed by:

In this order- Planks-Inversions-Perfect Push Ups-Goblet Squats-Reverse Lunges (we know, dear reader you are creative so…this is what we did here at CultFit HQ)

Hinge walk Out High Plank Hold for 45 Seconds (walk back to hinge)

Ease into a Hand Stand Hold for 45 Seconds (tippy toes do not like your hands – gently pull them as far apart as possible) with GRACE come back to standing (feet together remember?)

Hinge Walk Out High Plank Hold – 10 Perfect Push Ups (walk Hands Back to standing)

25 Goblet Squats (oh, you did remember to bring some weight?)

25 Reverse Lunges (weight at heart center)

Rinse and Repeat about 10 times or so…If you peeps out there have a fave program that you would like to share that is not from Pinterest please send it in!


Be safe today and most importantly, ENJOY!!!

Tuesday 24 January 2012

If the thinking breaks down, the order breaks down as well-

Hey you!  Yeah you, the one walking on the treadmill over there.  That’s a nice habit you are starting to form there isn’t it?  Or is it?  Waking inside is easy, convenient and puts a nice big smile on our faces for the rest of the day.  Just not in our neck of the woods!

Last time we checked there were no reported cases of nuclear fallout spreading across the world like Nutella on gluten-free toast.  So basically there is no reason not to walk outside, none and your excuses are coming much to freely today.  We like to use the terms: Incremental Activity and Perseverance.

As an example:  Park farther away from the entrance to work or the store no matter what the weather may be.  You guys may remember we don’t like telling you what to do on a daily basis.  That’s for other blog-o-sphere types to get off on.  Think of this message today as a slap up side the head from Uncle Mo here at CultFit HQ after he caught you drinking milk from the carton with the fridge door wide open.

The perseverance and habits that you foster now although seemingly trivial will help you out the next time a workout gets really challenging!

Your doorway to happiness is…Changing your definition of perseverance.  A 180 so to speak?

The Plan-

OK what the hell is going on here?  Quick question:  How do you stay motivated to stay active and to work towards your goals?  98.7% of you will say: “I work out because it makes me feel good and all sorts of happy inside.”

Hard Work = Bliss

Create a Habit of Perseverance!!!

The Workout-

Pulled and adapted from our “Do Something” series here at the CultFit HQ archives:

Swim for about an hour followed by:

One of our fave programs at CultFit HQ (notice the slight changes today)…

45-60 Second Handstand Hold (actively press your hands through the floor and stretch those little toes to the sky) followed by:

30 Second Top of Push Up Plank

45-60 Second Handstand Hold

30 Second Top of Push Up Plank

45-60 Second Handstand Hold

30 Second Top of Push Up Plank

45-60 Second Handstand Hold

30 Second Top of Push Up Plank

10 Minutes of Leg Drains (you can thank us later!)


Push, push, patience, perseverance and if at any moment you lose mid line stability (hips drop-chin drop etc), STOP!  If you really want to mess yourself up for good do planks and hand stands incorrectly, ENJOY!!!

Hint fellow albóndiga’s:  First person to comment about why this program is important and closely tied into our message today gets a free bit of schwag!