Tuesday 24 January 2012

If the thinking breaks down, the order breaks down as well-

Hey you!  Yeah you, the one walking on the treadmill over there.  That’s a nice habit you are starting to form there isn’t it?  Or is it?  Waking inside is easy, convenient and puts a nice big smile on our faces for the rest of the day.  Just not in our neck of the woods!

Last time we checked there were no reported cases of nuclear fallout spreading across the world like Nutella on gluten-free toast.  So basically there is no reason not to walk outside, none and your excuses are coming much to freely today.  We like to use the terms: Incremental Activity and Perseverance.

As an example:  Park farther away from the entrance to work or the store no matter what the weather may be.  You guys may remember we don’t like telling you what to do on a daily basis.  That’s for other blog-o-sphere types to get off on.  Think of this message today as a slap up side the head from Uncle Mo here at CultFit HQ after he caught you drinking milk from the carton with the fridge door wide open.

The perseverance and habits that you foster now although seemingly trivial will help you out the next time a workout gets really challenging!

Your doorway to happiness is…Changing your definition of perseverance.  A 180 so to speak?

The Plan-

OK what the hell is going on here?  Quick question:  How do you stay motivated to stay active and to work towards your goals?  98.7% of you will say: “I work out because it makes me feel good and all sorts of happy inside.”

Hard Work = Bliss

Create a Habit of Perseverance!!!

The Workout-

Pulled and adapted from our “Do Something” series here at the CultFit HQ archives:

Swim for about an hour followed by:

One of our fave programs at CultFit HQ (notice the slight changes today)…

45-60 Second Handstand Hold (actively press your hands through the floor and stretch those little toes to the sky) followed by:

30 Second Top of Push Up Plank

45-60 Second Handstand Hold

30 Second Top of Push Up Plank

45-60 Second Handstand Hold

30 Second Top of Push Up Plank

45-60 Second Handstand Hold

30 Second Top of Push Up Plank

10 Minutes of Leg Drains (you can thank us later!)


Push, push, patience, perseverance and if at any moment you lose mid line stability (hips drop-chin drop etc), STOP!  If you really want to mess yourself up for good do planks and hand stands incorrectly, ENJOY!!!

Hint fellow albóndiga’s:  First person to comment about why this program is important and closely tied into our message today gets a free bit of schwag!

6 Comments on “Tuesday 24 January 2012”

  1. Amanda says:

    I would rather run one mile with correct form than 26.2 like a serial killer is chasing me. FORM IS KEY!

    • CultFit says:

      Ladies and gents we have a winner! One mile runs with correct form add up over time into a nice body of work, form is key! Running is a classic example of instant feedback: Good Form = Happy Body. Bad form = Unhappy Body…
      If you care to try the workout today, go for it. It’s relatively benign on the surface and if done with bad form? The workout tomorrow will reveal what what wrong today…

  2. awww man, i’m too slow! i blame the time difference.

    this time zone does suck, yeah, but year-round running on beaches, hills, and mountains – i’ll take it. hawaii is the best workout place i’ve ever lived. fitness is just so everywhere here!

    • CultFit says:

      I honestly envy you! My wife and I had the chance to go to Maui awhile back for vacation and needless to say coming back home was painful. Kayaking, running on the beach and the bit we miss the most is stand up paddle boarding!!! Quite possibly the most fun/tiring activity around.

      • I’ve never been to Maui, but I hear it’s soooooo pretty! We live on Oahu and it’s amazing. I just can’t get into the stand up paddling though, lol. It’s just not my thing. I think I’ve spent too many years as a surfer.

        We won’t be here for much longer. We’re excited to get back to the east coast, family, real life, etc. – but we will miss this island so very much!

        • CultFit says:

          You guys have created memories and friends that will travel with you no matter where you go. Only spent ten days there and I miss Hawaii, especially on cold days like today. Safe travels and most importantly thank you and your husband for serving our country. You may not be a Marine per se although you do provide the support and backbone for our hero’s, thank you!

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