Tuesday 31 January 2012

If you believe everything you read, better not read-

Today’s sign of the apocalypse:


Stay classy dear friends…

We have been asked numerous times in the past to provide some sort of evidence that there really is a CultFit HQ.  So to quell all the lurkers…

The Plan-

We get asked all sorts of questions around here from day-to-day.  A classic example of one:  “Like yo bro’s I have tried all the programs out there on the inter-webz and nothing seems to work?”

The answer is surprisingly simple and we have secretly been throwing it towards you since our first post some time ago: Walking and Meditation – Simplicity in form and function.

On any given day Uncle Pliny is working away on the Amiga scanning email, finally he has reported back with something tangible:  Only .98% of our readers are truly exceptional and gifted athletes (re-read that again aloud pretty please).

To put it nicely for all the fragile types reading this morning sipping on a horrid tasting VitaCoCo (dare we say the Stella Artois of coconut waters?)  You are hopelessly addicted to a failed fitness/health relationship.  We need to look deep whiten ourselves and become aware of the decisions we make in regards to fitness and health.  Only when we are completely comfortable with ourselves will we be able to put a foot forward in good faith to a better lifestyle.

The Workout-

This workout was provided by a dear friend of ours, Sister Harriet.  No she didn’t take from that Pinterest site thingy (we hope):

Warm-Up any way you see fit followed by:

In this order- Planks-Inversions-Perfect Push Ups-Goblet Squats-Reverse Lunges (we know, dear reader you are creative so…this is what we did here at CultFit HQ)

Hinge walk Out High Plank Hold for 45 Seconds (walk back to hinge)

Ease into a Hand Stand Hold for 45 Seconds (tippy toes do not like your hands – gently pull them as far apart as possible) with GRACE come back to standing (feet together remember?)

Hinge Walk Out High Plank Hold – 10 Perfect Push Ups (walk Hands Back to standing)

25 Goblet Squats (oh, you did remember to bring some weight?)

25 Reverse Lunges (weight at heart center)

Rinse and Repeat about 10 times or so…If you peeps out there have a fave program that you would like to share that is not from Pinterest please send it in!


Be safe today and most importantly, ENJOY!!!

Please feel free to reply and join the conversation

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