How About : You :

I left my youth behind me. It peddled the bicycle while I rode on the handlebars-

Get a car you ironically tattoo adorned, Lycra sporting hipster!!!” I remember these harsh words as though they were strewn upon me yesterday morning, instead of two months ago commuting to work on bike.

Was I shocked? Somewhat. I was simply making a right hand turn after stopping at a stop sign at 5am, when over my left shoulder, I was spewed vile hatred upon by some dude. I thought briefly about trying to catch up with him, and having a gentlemanly conversation. Instead, I simply put my head down and set a good pace up the next few hills that eagerly awaited me.

What worries my heart the most, is the need to make these flippant remarks in the first place. It makes me wonder about our current human nature and the impulse or desire to engage in this kind of behavior. The kind of behavior we witness online, where our words carry a great weight with little or no courage, to form a coherent and critical response.

Why does it bother someone if I ride to work on my bike? Have tattoos and practice yoga? Why do people feel the need to project hatred and vomit at every turn? Kindness and love have been cast ad acta, a relic of a bygone world. We live in a world now where a fussilade of hate awaits us around every corner in life.

Daily Meditation:

As we gently ease into March this coming weekend. The undercurrents of my posts will warm to the wonders that cycling and nature so kindly present us. I hope you tag along for the ride

CultFit Peace

18 Comments on “How About : You :”

  1. Warrior says:

    Very well written. Deep.

  2. katelon says:

    It always stuns and amazes me, too. Along this journey of mine, in the past, I posted ads under Craigslist housing wanted, offering my large array of professional healing abilities in barter for a place to stay, explaining my belief in a new world coming and the grace of barter arrangements. I even listed all the other offerings I have gifted at the places I’ve stayed. And every once in awhile, someone would feel it their duty to respond, completely trashing me as if was out to scam and harm others. I would always wonder why they would even bother to respond?! They could just have passed my post by, not even clicking to read it, let alone taking the time to respond and tell me what an awful person I was. Sad for them really. It says more about how frustrated much of humanity is these days, how powerless they feel.

    • CultFit says:

      As the days move on I’m becoming increasing annoyed, for the lack of a more appropriate word, with the world around us. I find comfort knowing that kind passionate people still exist and I feel blessed to have met you! Take care my friend 🙂

      • katelon says:

        Soon these sleeping masses will be awakening friend. Everyone is stretched to the limit these days, the closer we come to the shift/transformation on the planet. Soome people have the strength of character to stay kind amidst this and others turn ugly instead.

  3. mishedup says:

    “how powerless they feel”…and online, how easy it is to be anonymous and spew their hate.
    It’s a hard world we live in, and all we can do, and be, is in it the way we are. What others think of me is none of my business, right?

    Ironically tattooed…it’s actually kind of funny. Not the venom, but the choice of words. You should have said something…namaste! then his interpretation of you (in his mind) would have been so justified, and you would have sent him a prayer.

  4. k8macdo says:

    There are always folks like that who spew vitriol… but I think they are definitely in the minority. And I wonder – if they are so full of negativity that it spills out – they must be hell for themselves to live with. In other words, they are suffering more from themselves than we are. At least we can get away from them!
    Deep down, there is only love, only connection.

  5. bgddyjim says:

    Ooh, that gave me an idea! I should get the logo for my cycling apparel company tattooed on my butt! Thanks bro!

  6. bgddyjim says:

    Oh, by the way, everyone wants to hate and call it righteous indignation… Work on the guns (the arm guns) and fewer people will mess with you. Also, and this is the hard part (phrasing): if I choose to take offense at some idiot who wants to be a d!ck, what exactly does that say about me?

    I just chose to stroke a d!ck.

    It’s harsh, yes, but it is true. Laughter is the best policy when someone calls you an ironically tattooed hipster. Let it go, bro. No sense in giving a loser rent-free space in your melon.

    I hear you, what a classless dolt that dude was, but haters are gonna hate. It’s what they do.

    • CultFit says:

      Always a pleasure when you stop over mate! Take care this weekend and before I forget – We are a having a pretty big bike swap meet here next weekend. Want me to keep my eyes open for any parts or whatever for you? Just let me know.

  7. I don’t pretend to understand it, but I have observed over the years that there is something about the sight of a cyclist that draws a visceral response from some drivers. I find my friends who are primarily cyclists frequently have items thrown at them from passing vehicles, curses flowing with the wind. While we folks who are primarily runners occasionally have to maneuver to avoid the actions and words of drivers – and their passengers – it is not to the extent that the cyclist deals with. The best we can do is maintain our physical safety during the event and protect their actions from seeping into our psyche post-event. Stay safe.

    • CultFit says:

      ” … The best we can do is maintain our physical safety during the event and protect their actions from seeping into our psyche post-event. Stay safe.”

      Precisely, even more so now that Spring is starting to greet us kindly. Or as I like to say at times: Make sure your head is screwed on straight and tight before you head outdoors 😉

  8. Maia says:

    Wait until he sees me riding with my ink all over me huh? 😉

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