Life is Better

But he who has not first turned away from his wickedness, who is not tranquil and subdued, or who’s mind is not at rest, he can never obtain the Self by knowledge-

You belong here, Right now.

We all want to change in major ways. We want to be as thin as a sibling, a co-worker. As beautiful as the latest celebrities and as creative as the producers who make their inspiring films. We want to blaze trails as Kathrine Switzer once did and be still as Buddha.

Ambition in life is beautiful although it does have a Dark Side … All of us harbor the feelings of wanting to be like “somebody“. No outside goal, however noble, can ever make us feel complete in life. I want you to know that today, you are Somebody.

A small “thing” can and will go a long way in your adventurers this weekend. It doesn’t take an ambitious, grandiose goal to create a ripple effect in the stream of Life. Take your socks off and feel free to simply dip your big toe in. Everything is interconnected in life, be brave enough today to take the first small step. This may be ten minutes of yoga this morning or even going for a walk this evening. Immerse yourself in the wonderful effect of simple actions. Ten minutes too long? Maybe we can start by being in stillness, connected to our breath for one minute each and every morning?


Today, you are creating a ripple effect in your life, initiating change not only in yourself, but in the stream of life we all swim in. Be well this weekend.

CultFit Hope


An awake heart is like a sky that pours light-

*Originally posted at some time ago (adjusted a tad for today).

Having recounted the positive events that have happened over the last year I feel more positive about where I currently am at and I hope you feel the same? For many though, they feel there is nothing to rejoice about: Not now and certainly not in the near future. Many are immersed in a fatalistic time zone. There’s an app for this, sadly.

We need to realize that our lives are not controlled by fates outside of our inherent ability to modify, adjust, or temper what is not working for us. The all so real truth is that all of us get depressed and when this depression gets really bad? We are stuck in our own misery, our very own pity party (yes, there is even an app for pity parties as well).

Hold out your left hand and start peeling back your fingers for of all the ‘things‘ you have going right in your life, right in this moment: Heart still ticking, still breathing, family, friends, leftover meatballs etc. Now on your right hand let’s start peeling back fingers for ‘things‘ we enjoy and promise ourselves to “Make The Time For” even if we don’t have the time – to practice present hedonism. Pursue the events in your life that make you feel good about yourself and your outlook on life. What follows are a few of the things I enjoy, maybe you will enjoy the same:

• An evening Walk while eating an apple.

• Playing bicycle Tag with the little ones – Your it!

• Email, call or message a friend and say: “Hey your pretty special! Not that special but special none the less.

• Practice Meditation and Yoga.

• Nature is heaven on earth. Less time inside and more time outside, Playing in the fluffy white stuff.


Why spend so much time abusing and punishing your mind, spirit and body? Take care today.


Fuera de Peligro

Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me. No hope, no harm; just another false alarm-

We made it this far into the week in one piece, congrats- job well done! No worry about tips about this or that today, so I decided to share a story with you instead. Pull up a chair, sit still, in comfort. Chill … Dark chocolate and a fresh cup of Earl Grey will make this tale so much more tolerable.

Two vibrant young kids were playing in sandbox not too long ago, I’m guessing they had to be around the age of 9 maybe 10. Pails, shovels matchbox cars the whole shebang. Spoiler Alert: A disagreement turns into a proper ruckus! You know the deal; building tension, pushing and finally one of the kids runs away screaming, “That’s not fair! You totally suck – dude!”

If you took the under of the kids playing again in +/- 10 minutes? You would be correct! In no time at all they were back in the sandbox doing what little dudes do best … Making a proper mess.

So what exactly happened here?

These little dudes choose happiness over righteousness.”

Each one of us can save ourselves from so much unnecessary suffering, if we simply acted more like kids, playing with matchbox cars in a sandbox. Stepping aside from anger, pain and a bruised ego takes courage and humility. Our constant need to be “right” … All the time, keeps us from walking back, smiling and playing.


Dropped actions, walking away … Do not heal, staying silent in anger only adds to the pain. Words heal, a smile, a gentle touch. A wise man once said “Remember the Alamo” … Today I ask of you “Remember the sandbox!

CultFit Focus

Walking on a Dream

The understanding of what you actually are is far more important than the pursuit of what you should be. Why? Because in understanding what you are there begins a spontaneous process of transformation-

(We should stop here in all actuality. The quote above is tremendously poignant in today’s world.)

Consider this if you may, what if your approach to contributing to the world was based around helping others rather than helping yourself? Let’s use yoga as an example, cool?!?

Pull up your Google Machine this morning and search away:  Om Yoga, YogaFit, Zen Yoga and even the patently ridiculous CrossFit Yoga. Sadly we (more times than naught) associate these forms of Yoga as pure Yoga, hardly the case.

There is only one Yoga. Yoga is a 5,000 year old spiritual discipline. Yoga is a powerful contemplative vehicle meant for each one of us who are  interested in furthering our personal and spiritual journey(s). Spiritual, not physical.

Yoga is a tremendous system for helping us to reach our true potential as individuals, however, lost amongst the $$$ signs and intertwined craftily with vanity. Yoga as we know it now, is purely a  physical practice that just happens (quite coincidentally) to bring spiritual awakening, while picking out arm warmers at Lululemon.

We are off to light a simple candle, chill a bit, sweat a bit … All the while exploring our true potential.

CultFit Balance

**There also happens to be these Yoga “things” called Karma Yoga (the path of action), Bhakti Yoga (the path of devotion to God) and Jnana Yoga (the path of knowledge) … Just saying.**


We are spiritual beings who just so happen to have physical experiences, here and there …  Daily, maybe?!?

CultFit Remi

A Dream Within a Dream

Inside myself is a place where I live all alone and that’s where you renew your springs that never dry up-

Sai Zhenzhu

Pain, injury, surgery, pain, injury, surgery, rehab, surgery, rehab  Before I injured myself, over and over again. I was rarely quiet or still long enough to notice, or care what was happening to my body. Through all the pain therapy and bio-feedback sessions, I was merely following instructions from those who wanted to help me, I never felt alone during these times … “the springs never dried up”. Now, when I’m alone. When I lie in bed at night, surrounded by the quiet, still night air, I feel these springs renewed.

In these personal moments, I find myself content to watch how life will unfold. Mindful of how I was before.

CultFit Night


Time to Medivate