Walking on a Dream

The understanding of what you actually are is far more important than the pursuit of what you should be. Why? Because in understanding what you are there begins a spontaneous process of transformation-

(We should stop here in all actuality. The quote above is tremendously poignant in today’s world.)

Consider this if you may, what if your approach to contributing to the world was based around helping others rather than helping yourself? Let’s use yoga as an example, cool?!?

Pull up your Google Machine this morning and search away:  Om Yoga, YogaFit, Zen Yoga and even the patently ridiculous CrossFit Yoga. Sadly we (more times than naught) associate these forms of Yoga as pure Yoga, hardly the case.

There is only one Yoga. Yoga is a 5,000 year old spiritual discipline. Yoga is a powerful contemplative vehicle meant for each one of us who are  interested in furthering our personal and spiritual journey(s). Spiritual, not physical.

Yoga is a tremendous system for helping us to reach our true potential as individuals, however, lost amongst the $$$ signs and intertwined craftily with vanity. Yoga as we know it now, is purely a  physical practice that just happens (quite coincidentally) to bring spiritual awakening, while picking out arm warmers at Lululemon.

We are off to light a simple candle, chill a bit, sweat a bit … All the while exploring our true potential.

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**There also happens to be these Yoga “things” called Karma Yoga (the path of action), Bhakti Yoga (the path of devotion to God) and Jnana Yoga (the path of knowledge) … Just saying.**


We are spiritual beings who just so happen to have physical experiences, here and there …  Daily, maybe?!?

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13 Comments on “Walking on a Dream”

  1. mariavlong says:

    impecable timing! Nice.

  2. Garagegym107 says:


  3. hiddinsight says:

    It’s true. And I see the irony in the “knowing who you ARE” (are being a static concrete word) included with something that is not static and concrete: Transformation. It’s a beautiful tension that is suspended in being at peace.

  4. Sandra says:

    Just what I needed today. Thank you.

  5. Loving all of your posts lately. I’m working on getting my 200-hour RYT right now at a school that focuses on Yin & Taoist Yoga with a functional approach rather than a “perfect form” view. So a lot of what you are putting out there is resounding here with me. Seriously – Crossfit Yoga exists? That seems a bit missing of the point to me, but maybe we get there later in my training. 🙂

    • CultFit says:

      Thank you, your kind thoughts mean so much. I hope that you are having a blast during training and soaking up as much as you can. 🙂 I kid you not, there is indeed a CF Yoga, many of them actually. And you know what? I’m OK with it actually, even if it is really absurd. We all begin our spiritual journeys somewhere, and if someone happens to enjoy yoga enough after being exposed to it as such, maybe ( a big maybe ), they can then dig deeper into the true essence of yoga, maybe. 😉
      I wish you the very best, be inspired as always and please take care!
      *If you ever want to dig deeper into some of these posts drop me an email: cultfit@gmail.com

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