Time to Pretend

It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them-

In some ways learning how to be happy daily is a lot like learning how to ride a bike; there is a learning curve, and you are going to crash.

There is infinite wisdom, innocence of a child learning how to ride a bike, if we can pay attention long enough (stop taking videos – updating status …) and watch?!? Kids have the keen ability to show us what the true ‘secret’ to happiness is.  By kindly placing our adult baggage aside, witness ‘happiness’ as the little ones roll on … Believe in yourself (everyday) and Practice (everyday). A child learning how to ride a bike doesn’t know and quite frankly doesn’t care that there are a plethora of different pathways to achieve happiness: kissing a loved one in the morning, holding hands, meditation, mindfulness, spiritual awakening, whatever. A child simply wants you to experience what they are feeling in this moment; “I believe I can do this bike riding thing, I’m smiling and I am true to myself.”


Believe in yourself this morning and Practice, everyday. Be well and have a great weekend.

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Fuera de Peligro

Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me. No hope, no harm; just another false alarm-

We made it this far into the week in one piece, congrats- job well done! No worry about tips about this or that today, so I decided to share a story with you instead. Pull up a chair, sit still, in comfort. Chill … Dark chocolate and a fresh cup of Earl Grey will make this tale so much more tolerable.

Two vibrant young kids were playing in sandbox not too long ago, I’m guessing they had to be around the age of 9 maybe 10. Pails, shovels matchbox cars the whole shebang. Spoiler Alert: A disagreement turns into a proper ruckus! You know the deal; building tension, pushing and finally one of the kids runs away screaming, “That’s not fair! You totally suck – dude!”

If you took the under of the kids playing again in +/- 10 minutes? You would be correct! In no time at all they were back in the sandbox doing what little dudes do best … Making a proper mess.

So what exactly happened here?

These little dudes choose happiness over righteousness.”

Each one of us can save ourselves from so much unnecessary suffering, if we simply acted more like kids, playing with matchbox cars in a sandbox. Stepping aside from anger, pain and a bruised ego takes courage and humility. Our constant need to be “right” … All the time, keeps us from walking back, smiling and playing.


Dropped actions, walking away … Do not heal, staying silent in anger only adds to the pain. Words heal, a smile, a gentle touch. A wise man once said “Remember the Alamo” … Today I ask of you “Remember the sandbox!

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If I Could Wave My Magic Wand …

Why are the people hard to manage?  Because those above them are fussy and have private ends to serve.  That is why they are hard to manage-

When was the last time you truly enjoyed yourself playing (not like that perv)?.  Take a gander at the peeps around you next time you go out for a run, what do you notice?  We all want to do well no matter what we are doing: Cooking, cleaning, being a better mother or father.  And its OK to feel like you want to be the best.  Like duh?!?  We’re mostly humans here and wanting to achieve is completely natural (so we were told).

Right now would be a good time to go for a walk or grab the flask from the lower drawer in your desk.  Just saying …

Our society is completely punch drunk and obsessed with competitiveness.  Screw it, no more holding back and toning it down for the granola crunchers of the blog-o-sphere: We have no idea what PLAYING feels like anymore.  Gotta run, gotta compete, one more mile, a few more sets.  Performance is the needle you are addicted to it!  The  simple, playful pleasures in our lives are no longer desirable.

Instead of driving the kiddos to soccer practice hoping that they will be the next superstar (a .00000001% of that even happening).  Pick up some Jamba Juice and go to a local park, and play.  Better yet, break out some sidewalk chalk and get creative:

All of us are deprived of play each and everyday.  It’s hard to delineate between running ( insert anything) and work.  We base everything on time and performance.  How about a flowing stream of sweat and a smile?

The Plan-

The Workout-

Bizzaro CultFit Workout … Yet another workoutthe EXTREME – ELITE fitness types think they invented:

What you need:  Some mates, An open space, A few adult beverages (no VitaCoCo allowed) and a med ball that knows how to be treated.

Say hello to Hoover – Ball!!!

**Worry wort parents?  The kids can play as well …!**


Have a beautiful day today peeps and ENJOY!!!

**The first peep from Canada – Land who can pinpoint the quote at the top without using the Google Machine, gets something!**