The Way to … कुण्डलिनी

There are an infinite number of reasons to say no. Instead, try to focus on one good reason to say yes-

This weeks post will focus entirely on two harmless letters: N and O … And why it’s extremely difficult to put them forth in good faith, in a manner that honors and respects our true spirit. A little context is in order before we begin. This past Saturday my plans went sideways, really quick! My team fell apart at the last-minute for a gravel ride over in Iowa, which we had planned back in January over a few soul warming adult beverages. No biggie, such is the ebb and flow of life when you try to get five dudes together at once, add in work and kids?!? You know how it goes, anyways … A new yoga studio opened up not too long ago in West Omaha that I was curious about trying out. This is where I failed to say “no” for the first time on such a lovely Saturday morning. What do you think when you read “Hot Yoga?” For whatever reason, and maybe what my spirit needed at the time, was a hot vinyasa flow. I could rant about Bikram yoga, but I won’t – not here. I had hot yoga firmly planted in my stubborn mind, until class started that is.

Saying “no” to anyone, about anything, is easily the most challenging part of our lives. Do you like being told no? Do you take comfort in telling someone, maybe yourself, “no?”. We want to avoid the discomfort and the consequences that might come our way for being fully “exposed” in our unwillingness (my stubbornness). Many of us continually strive to be caring and available, and we often find it strenuous to face a situation in which, for whatever reason, we don’t find the willingness, the courage or ability to say “yes” to what is being asked of us.

If we are able to keep our attention focused on attending to what matters most, and keep coming back to that intention, this beautiful “thing” called life may surprise each and every one of us. We begin to hear the needs of our True Spirit more clearly.


Daily Meditation:

When saying no eludes me, however much I am committed to “whatever” Rather than closing my heart in order to say “No,” which is what I often do, I consciously choose to open my heart wider, in order to actually feel the pain of saying “no” and bear witness to its effect – To honor my true self, to tell the full truth, and to remain present to hear it.

CultFit No

My Spirit Flies to You

Incredible nervous state, trepidation beyond words: to be this much in love is to be sick (and I love to be sick)-

This act was not necessarily random, although it was based on kindness and service

 I was first initially baffled, and then pleasantly surprised to find my Yoga students coming to class earlier and earlier. Some arrive at class 40 minutes early … which, of course, forces me to arrive even earlier to prepare the studio for them. I couldn’t figure out why at first, but then I saw that they liked to check in with each other before class, and as they took off their shoes at the door and hung up their coats, I noticed such a sense of relief in a few as they turned off their cell phones and smart phones — it was a noticeable sense of a technology burden being lifted from their shoulders. Their Yoga practice — in the form of Pratyahara — begins as soon as they touch that “OFF” button. Realizing that made me much happier to come to the studio even earlier to be ready for their arrivals!”

Baseball, Yoga, Life … (and me)

When we act with mindful love? We release the true spirit of those we interact with on a daily basis. Our action(s) and reaction(s) –aka the Law of Karma- begin and end, with how we mindfully care and nurture our own spirit first, and then through embracing Seva, we can bring forth the best in all whom we interact with.

Daily Meditation:

Love – Is feeding and serving others with compassion, kindness and a deep and abiding sense of giving. Through love and Seva, lies true realization.

CultFit Seva


Confidence is ignorance. If you’re feeling cocky, it’s because there’s something you don’t know-

After many years of “coaching” and helping other cool and inspiring folks, I am often struck by their relationship with fun. When we first meet, they often talk at great length about training plans, intensity, goals, effort and lastly they mention: “this needs to be fun.

I have a problem with Fun.

Fun (when used above), conveys a sense of a trivial and purposeless living.  Fun Is hedonistic. My definition of fun does not seem to sit right with many people who are engaged in uber-competitive activities and have a competitive mindset. There is no magical switch you can flip, then manage to stumble into a yoga studio one afternoon to “center” yourself. Fun is a lazy vacation, sipping mojito’s on a white sand beach in Belize, not an early morning wind sprint session and killing the weights before bed.

Should we abandon the idea of “fun” all together?  Nope, I just ask that you think about “fun” in a different light, a different Sense

Daily Meditation:

All aspects of our lives ought to be enjoyable, interesting word(s): Enjoyable, Enjoyment, Enjoy.

My definition of fun? Is “enjoyment.”

CultFit Snow

Wednesday 7 March 2012

The ability to convert ideas to things is the secret to outward success-

The results from our question yesterday turned up missing in the evening hours.  No need to pout like you really cared and are dearly heartbroken today reading at Starbucks.  We have always lamented on: Form, Flow, Grace and the ability to make something look easy (especially when the activity is infinitely hard and complex).  But why go through all the trouble of doing that you may be asking yourself today?  Why care?  Just doing “it” is 98.7% of the battle!  There are a few great coaches out there in the fitness world that can make complex movement patterns (Olympic lifts) digestible to the average passer-by (Dan John is a great example).  No they don’t pre-chew it for you like a momma bird on a crisp spring morning or toss it at you in the hopes that some of the info sticks.  Too much of which already happens daily in our watered down social media driven society.  As a test this morning go out in the blog-o-world and find ten blogs on fitness.  How many just regurgitate centuries old bits-o-information and toss it your way?  Our guess is no fewer than 9 out of 10 do it daily…

“What in the hell does this have to do about movement?”  Say hello to Mr. Q Angle…Don’t confuse him with Mrs. Q Angle!  That would be horribly impolite dear reader! (Four peeps reading know why this is important.  Just four, no more no less.)

“You jack asses over there need to quit skimming the top and dumb it down for all of us…”  What is one bio mechanical difference between a man and a woman?  Why should a woman approach lifting/running differently than a man?  This is not a gender bashing forum peeps so feel free to hop down off your easy argument box when you see fit!

JUST READ THIS to wet your appetite or (maybe) learn a wee bit more. (Well worth your time if you are of the female persuasion)

If you made it this far into the post?  Congrats are in order, We literally get hundreds of emails a day trying to argue how we are poking fun at various routines and having a good-ole time at your expense.  Our seasoned readers know that is far from the truth.  They also know that we like to form and make our arguments on “The Process” not “The Result”…let that sink in for a minute (NO SERIOUSLY READ IT LIKE TEN TIMES).  As an example do you know how easy it is to say and maybe you have said it recently: “CrossFit, P90x, Boot-camps are the best programs due to the fact I am in the best shape of my life!”   Making the easy argument on “The Result” is so clichéd now peeps!!!

The Plan-

Our crack webz research department may have finally found the perfect image that represents what “YOU” do with all the mind numbing information you get in a day!

The Workout-

Pay close attention this may get out of hand quickly…

Warm Up into a nice lather and take your shoes off if you haven’t already done so.

Listen and feel the movement of your breath and body today, keep your eyes closed as much as possible and perform the following:

25 KB One Legged Bent Over Rows (Hips Stacked-Always…Each Arm)

25 KB One Legged One Arm Press (Pressing Arm is Opposite Standing Leg)

25 Hinge Walk Out High Push Up Plank (45-60 seconds, Are your eyes still closed?)

15 Minutes in the following Plank Variations:

High-Low Push Up, Side, Bridge One Leg, Table Top (About 5 mins each)

If you seriously want to mess yo self up?!?  Perform a horrid plank…We dare you!!!


We triple dog dare you!!!  Be safe today peeps and ENJOY!!!