My Spirit Flies to You

Incredible nervous state, trepidation beyond words: to be this much in love is to be sick (and I love to be sick)-

This act was not necessarily random, although it was based on kindness and service

 I was first initially baffled, and then pleasantly surprised to find my Yoga students coming to class earlier and earlier. Some arrive at class 40 minutes early … which, of course, forces me to arrive even earlier to prepare the studio for them. I couldn’t figure out why at first, but then I saw that they liked to check in with each other before class, and as they took off their shoes at the door and hung up their coats, I noticed such a sense of relief in a few as they turned off their cell phones and smart phones — it was a noticeable sense of a technology burden being lifted from their shoulders. Their Yoga practice — in the form of Pratyahara — begins as soon as they touch that “OFF” button. Realizing that made me much happier to come to the studio even earlier to be ready for their arrivals!”

Baseball, Yoga, Life … (and me)

When we act with mindful love? We release the true spirit of those we interact with on a daily basis. Our action(s) and reaction(s) –aka the Law of Karma- begin and end, with how we mindfully care and nurture our own spirit first, and then through embracing Seva, we can bring forth the best in all whom we interact with.

Daily Meditation:

Love – Is feeding and serving others with compassion, kindness and a deep and abiding sense of giving. Through love and Seva, lies true realization.

CultFit Seva

3 Comments on “My Spirit Flies to You”

  1. Maia says:

    Selfless service… in truth, the self becomes more… =)

  2. Thank you for sharing this little tid-bit. My Yoga studio is in a rural part of Virginia … the classes are full and vibrant, and I’m delighted by all that my students teach me every single day. They are better teachers to me than I can ever be to them. I’m delighted that you shared their little “lesson”. Namaste!

    • CultFit says:

      The main reason I wanted to highlight and use your powerful comment, was to shine a different light on Seva and Karma Yoga … Without writing a million painful words.
      I had been sitting on this draft for quite some time, months actually, reading it daily, making a few fleeting changes here and there. My personal philosophy embraces Seva and its tedious at best, self serving trying to describe Seva to other folks through the written word. Your actions, your comment, ignited in me the passion to finish this post. We often over look the tiniest of actions in our lives – breathing, smiling, being … Opening the studio doors a little earlier for your students. We skip over this profound moment, instead focusing on the end result: Phones being turned OFF and lively chatter, mind, body and spirit being turned ON. My friend, your selfless gift of time – made a profound effect on the lives of others. Which is pretty darn cool! I have often lamented that Seva and Karma yoga, is not merely tossing your change from your morning latte purchase into a tip jar …
      I can’t begin to thank you enough – May your heart be filled with warmth and gratitude – Take care!

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