: Yourself :

Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change-

The first step on this “journey” of mine, was simply getting to know myself once again.

Before I competed in my first Gravel Worlds, I focused on “building strength” and training for the rigors of a 150+ miles gravel ride. A little over three years ago, I was struggling post surgery to get back into my cycling groove, needless to say I felt rather unprepared and woefully out-of-place. The week leading up to the chilly predawn start just outside Lincoln, Nebraska, I tried to imagine all the possible situations and challenges I could, and would encounter, and the associated mindset(s) I needed to adapt to them. I did not realize during the moment, that in doing so, I inadvertently found myself focusing on my true inner weaknesses – on the things that I need to improve, and on the behaviors that have eluded me for so long, that I pushed aside to compete, that did not come naturally to me Anymore. Shortly after an early August rain shower, and two punctures, I quickly realized that I can allow myself to feel confident about my ability to deal with what the road had in store for me, for my life. Albeit not the strengths the stereotypical Lycra clad/carbon fiber cyclist, a little smile here and there, and a deeply rooted sense of humor kept two wheels up and spinning along into the evening.

Daily Meditation:

Quiet simply, being yourself, being authentic – Is pretty inspiring!

CultFit Simplicity

Hard to : Resit :

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself-

A quick show of hands: Have you ever held onto the belief that you could change someone else’s behavior, if you were persistent and dedicated enough?

I witness this quite often with friends going to yoga class, working out together and the awesome folks I help out. Sadly, I have arrived at the conclusion that people only change when it’s rewarding for them to do so, and when they’re capable of it.

Rewarding and Capable – Interesting.

Daily Meditation:

I have lived many years shrouded in the fallacy that “peer” pressure, being a “caring” friend pressure, will make those close to me change. I’m writing this morning to share with you these following thoughts – People only change when they’re ready to. If I want my friend to change, I have to figure out how they would be motivated to change, how change would benefit them.

On the subject of motivation and change – I offer up to you these two links. Have a beautiful day, and please take care!

National Bike Challenge

Omaha Commuter Challenge

CultFit Change

Rebirth of Slick

Only you can take inner freedom away from yourself, or give it to yourself. Nobody else can-

Often times in moments of stress, anxiety, injury, recovery and other negative mind states that we experience daily, it can be extremely hard to focus on positive personal development, moving forward in life. The thought of becoming a fire-breathing, trail destroying feen (or fiend) can seem far off. A goal so far out of reach given life’s everyday problems.

When was the last time you wondered like a kid? Not the crap we as adults wonder about: Fancy cars, a hot boyfriend or wife, huge house, money, run times … Are we forgetting anything? Today we challenge you to Wonder about creating a sense of perfection in whatever you choose to do. Just Wonder, nothing more. Creating daily experiences of Wonder can lead us to a sense of emotional and spiritual transcendence.

We just lost about 95% of you with the garbage above: Before you set out on your journey today, Wonder. Create an image of yourself, blanketed in love and happiness.

The Workout-

26 bones, 2 sesamoid bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles and 107 ligaments. What in the world are we talking about?!?

You can learn so much about your body and how to move properly by politely taking your shoes/socks off and going for a Walk.

CultFit Geo


We know most of our readers stop on over daily, stay 43 seconds, click “like” and carry on with their merry lives. If you really want to change? We can help you see through the noise, pain and misery of life. How you may be asking? By learning on how to see, well … “YOU”.

CultFit Body


A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you-

Undoubtedly you have noticed some changes here over the past fortnight. Since day one we have been changing, this applies to your cute life story as well. Indeed many “things” in life change and if you could allow us a few moments of your precious time, we would like to share some questions we received recently via email. Each one hints at change and rather than writing a painfully, bloviated post?  Prolixity is not something you will find here …

*We are paraphrasing the emails for your reading pleasure.

Tom – From Seattle

… Great site! Could you tell me more about your early posts? You guys seem to have quite a distaste towards CrossFit, the purveying atmosphere around CrossFit and those who choose to engage in extreme fitness programs?

Tom, our story here is one of injury, pain and suffering. Almost all of our off-line members (many of you as well) have suffered life altering injuries participating in events they loved and CrossFit just so happens to one of them. The early posts were raw with emotion, hate and vitriol … Then something changed. The problem was not the event, sport or routine (CrossFit). It was us. Hate is a powerful emotion that has evaporated over time and the more closely you analyze the details relating to the injuries, trying to find causation … You realize that you yourself are the problem.

Trish – From Auckland

… I’m curious as to why you guys switched to a Creative Commons License?

Trish, from post number one CultFit has been uncopyrighted. In essence this means every post has been released in the public domain, and the copyright on these posts as well.

There is no need to email asking for our permission … Everyone reading this today is free to use our content, however you choose! Email it, Pin-It, Like It, Share It, Write a book with “IT”. Your credit is appreciated but not required.

What you see here is yours, to do as you please. Our mindset of Seva is to give and not to hold, to let go of ownership and free ourselves of the stress and pain of trying to protect ownership (writing a book – copyrights). It is from this humble mindset that we embrace uncopyright. We sincerely hope that in doing so, our community will be better for it and we will all have a smile on our faces.


Valentines Day will be the last day we post here at WordPress. You will be able to find us at Cultfit.org from then on out. There will be no “Likes” or “Follows” but rest assured we will be kicking around these parts enjoying your thoughts, company and inspiring posts.

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Much like life, our new site is in work and evolving. Enjoy the rest of your weekends and be well!

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This is Me

The surest way to become Tense, Awkward, and Confused is to develop a mind that tries too hard – one that thinks too much-

Ahhhh, the seasons are a changing and fall is a lovely time of year.  A time for some of us to let our thoughts roam more freely towards pumpkin spiced lattes, cuddling up on the couch and brisk early morning runs.

One of the brilliant wonders that comes with the changing of  seasons is that it presents us the opportunity to take notice of the changes around us.  The brilliant red glow of the maple trees.  The cooler air that greets us in the morning.

Sadly, when it comes to Summer transitioning into Fall …  Rarely do we allow ourselves time to fully experience the splendid changes around us.  Too many of us are complaining about how short Summer was  or we start to shiver at the thought of another cold winter ahead.  These attitudes we embrace, these actions we hold near to our hearts.

If you woke up on July 3rd complaining that is was too hot to run in the morning and now find yourself complaining that it is too cold this weekend to run?  Insulate yourself from these thoughts today … Reflect a rejection on our part of being in the present moment.

*Running is but one example!

The Plan-

The Workout-

Something “magical” is going to happen to you today if you pay keen attention to these next two videos:

Our fave Warm Up

Followed By …

**Maria is one of the best trainers around, PERIOD!  We highly recommend you take the time to look over her other videos and give them a go.  Plus, she’s Canadian and that instantly puts you at the top of our Christmas card list. **

We often get asked why we do not post more videos describing our Workouts and Movements?  Most, not all of you reading today.  Have the attention span of a newt … This is not necessarily a bad thing although when it comes to patterning and perfecting movements it can be disastrous to say the least.  So, if you ever need a better clarification of what we do here please feel free to email us at: CultFit

Classic example of this problem.  We performed some lunges earlier in the week and a sassy CultFit peep sends us this:


Having just called some of you a newt we would like to say Thank You once again to all of our readers.  We honestly wish we had more time in the day to spend reading your lovely blogs and leaving some witty comments here and there.  Have a lovely weekend peeps … ENJOY!!!