One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory-

What does our inner self sound like when it gently whispers to the world? My inner self, sounds like peace – and swearing, swearing then peace – something to that extent

It’s interesting to witness someone in the throes of exploring the sound of their authentic self during yoga class, even while changing a newborns diaper (anything). Very often we will ask the instructor, a dear friend or our mother in law, what they think is going on:  “Hey – Do you think I’m…?”  they, too frequently responding with, “Yeah, you’re probably right …”  Or, if we don’t ask, we just make assumptions based on what’s happening within our mind(s), based on the worst case scenario(s):  “I guess I just suck at yoga … Damn dirty diapers!

This deflating inner dialog leads us away from our true authentic self.

Peace, is calling us home through these trying moments in our lives. We can say “Fu*k it” and choose to ignore peace, continuing on the same path that created the resentment, the bitterness. We can choose to partially ignore it, and partially listen to it (men have perfected this tactic), leaving ourselves sitting perpetually on the fence, giving ourselves halfheartedly to the world 

Daily Meditation:

Or, we can choose to listen to ourselves, honor our deepest truth(s) and begin to do “things” – Differently.

Be well this weekend and please take care!

CultFit Self

6 Comments on “Armonía”

  1. katelon says:

    I had to chuckle! My inner being is so peaceful and filled with love. And then, there are the storms that rage around that. I have had so many people say “Ah, sitting next to you I feel so peaceful as you are so calm and peaceful” or they simply point out that their perception of me is that I”m calm and steady…and meanwhile, I might have a amber alert going on inside! LOL

  2. Love your thoughts. as one who lies prostrate, only wishing to be saved. I breathe not a word of misery, my tongue is not perfect for i know shame. Before the altar, ask for redemption,to be better to go and no longer speak them.

  3. OneOm says:

    You reminded me of that Zen saying: “Before enlightenment I chopped wood and carried water. After enlightenment, I chop wood and carry water.” Armonia leads to peace, peace to enlightenment and yes, the key is to do the same things, but as you say, differently. 🙂

    • CultFit says:

      I’m sitting here reading your thoughtful comment, enjoying a cup of green tea – nodding my head up and down … Thank you for stopping over and I hope the remainder of your weekend is peaceful – Take care!

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