Never Be the Same

… In Buddhism, rebirth is part of the continuous process of change. In fact, we are not only reborn at the time of death, we are born and reborn at every moment-

There’s a fine line we tip-toe between being snarky, cheeky and flat-out being a gaggle of douche bags.  We decided this morning over a cup of Ginseng Tea to make a change <— Spoiler Alert!

Where would one start on the path of not being an Epic Douche?

Step one is to become aware of what and how we are thinking.  Training in the gym is easy, training ourselves to be aware every second of the day of how our mind is working.  The thoughts, The thinking patterns and our fundamental tendencies:  Takes Time and is infinitely Hard.

Make this a habit above all else.  When you set your workout/running playlist?  Record a note at the beginning reminding you to be aware.  A sticky note on the fridge or the dash in your car helps as well.

There is one little problem with awareness:  It brings about a heightened sensitivity to the world and the other douche bags that walk Mother Earth with us.  We become judgmental (just look at her ass in those Lululemon pants) and critical of ourselves (why do I always lack energy and motivation).  Say hello to the never-ending vicious cycle of negativity (think of this as you read your blog roll today …).  We need to Patiently (<— Key Word)  learn to accept what we see and understand.  Our new-found acceptance of the world leads to genuine love and positive thinking.

You can still be aware and an epic douche bag, look no further than Old Uncle Mo!

There are various techniques to help assist us in changing our attitude.  A slap up side the head or a little Yoga Nidra help immensely in shaping our mind and thoughts.

The Plan-

Picture 001

The Workout-

Trail Run/Bike and a few Hill Sprints to get the juices flowing.  Followed By:

Picture 002

10 Ring Dips or Regular Dips (It’s not the end of the world if you do not have rings)
20 Walking Lunges (Each Leg)
30 Seconds Jumping Rope (If you count reps … Douche?!?  Get into these for 30 seconds)

Ten rounds?  Sure, sounds spot on!!!


We often lose track that every thought generated in our mind is also experienced by every cell in our body.  Ever feel hot and sassy after a good run or workout, while on the bad days we feel stiff and lethargic?

Take care today and ENJOY!!!

CultFit Awesome

10 Comments on “Never Be the Same”

  1. Jaz says:

    Love it! 🙂

  2. Susan says:

    I am incredibly aware of all the douchebags I encounter. Prior to the husband, I attracted them in epic proportions. What was amazing was the moment I stopped and said “Wait, am I actually the douche and just attracting like people?”

    • CultFit says:

      … Had me worried for a second there and your hubby must be one awesome dude!!! I don’t think I am breaking any “guy code” by saying that. 😉

      Full disclosure: I used to be an epic ass-hat/douche bag. Injuries, kids, life and an amazing/patient Wifey changed all that. 🙂

  3. That bike is really something!

    And haha — Nice disclosure in the comment above.

  4. Joy says:

    Awesome post! I want that bike, wonder if it works better than a mtn bike though? 🙂

    • CultFit says:

      Its so awesome to have you over for a visit! I have been trying to dig up some info on this bike and who makes the kit for it, I’ll let you know what I find. 🙂
      I hope you are having a great day and please take care.

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