Since We Last Spoke

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field.  I’ll meet you there.  When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.”

The one “thing” that keeps us writing is the friendships we have developed over the past year with you, our dear readers.  All of us have different backgrounds, yet we also share a great deal in common.

Grown up chat time amongst close friends.

Many well-intentioned blog-o-sphere peeps common belief is that:  If they buy the right book, find the right workout program, discover the proper weight-loss program, employ the right combination of body spray, dress in the latest seasonal Lululemon colors, eat organic fruit from Whole Foods … While also having the latest gadget, having the best yoga mat in class, chanting the best mantra, eating gluten-free, pressing the right pressure-points while foam rolling and breathing the proper way chomping on a veggie burger?  Everything in their nettlesome lives will be perfect.

Here’s the truth between friends.

If you drink more than a liter of water a day, find nice shoes that fit, and go for a walk daily (even when it’s nasty outside), only THEN will all of our life’s mysteries and problems be solved.

We know you don’t want to hear this next series of thoughts, tough luck!  We, YOU and the peeps behind you.  Spend too much of our day, day dreaming and writing witty blog posts on why our lives seem so oddly out of balance.  We want to make life better for those we love.  We also want to improve the world we call home and give it the wisdom of what we have to offer.  We want to know how to do “something” better and we look to those who will provide guidance.

Here’s the problem:  We spend so much time giving advice to others that we simply forget about ourselves.

The advice we give only satisfies the recipients appetite for so long, then the hunger strikes again.  Wanting better, fresher and smarter advice than the day before.  A vicious cycle begins …

Do you truly want to know how to improve across all areas of your life?  From doing the wash to performing a kipping pull up?


Roll up your sleeves and get dirty …

The Plan-

Link of the Day: From Sea to Shining Sea

The Workout-

Today’s program is likely the hardest one we have ever done.  If you would like to know more about it please email us at:


You should eat a gluten-free, vegan diet and wash it down with some refreshing coconut water.  Boot camps are for the weak at mind, X-Fit is where it’s at.  Pilates is for soccer moms and Yoga is for, well … If you ever needed advice?  You won’t find it here friends.  Be well today and ENJOY!!!

32 Comments on “Since We Last Spoke”

  1. Jaz says:

    I can dig on the water, shoes and walk thing…. 🙂

  2. Taninja says:

    Why would anyone want to learn how to do a kipping pull up, when they can learn to do the real deal?? :O

    • CultFit says:

      No kidding! This very topic is what fueled the post today, long story. A gal I train ( and she knows who she is …) made some solid goals back in January, one of them was to be able to do 10 strict dead hang pull ups by Christmas. She was doing awesome until one of her friends chimed in with some “advice” back in early October. Needless to say she lost focus of her hard earned goal and tried going for the easy kipping goal … We are back on track now and I know for sure she will have the dead hangs before the year is out!

  3. onthevector says:

    You are a wise one on a mountaintop. 😀 I have started wearing Target’s new workout gear instead of just the Lulu stuff. Too spendy to be sweating all over that. HA! Have a good one!

    • CultFit says:

      I have heard that about the Target gear from a few people now, they really like it and the value. As a dude, I just pick up what’s on the floor and go with it …
      A long time ago I bought a really sweet pearl izumi cycling jersey, it was mint! I wore it one spring morning for a ride on my fave MTB trail. Not even ten minutes into the ride I brushed past a tree and tore the right sleeve to bits. I went insane over a $$$ jersey … The last time I ever bought a pricy jersey. 😉

  4. bellissimom says:

    Oh my gosh that first picture is fraking amazing!!

  5. First – I have been supremely happy with Target’s running capris. The ones with the drawstring waist are the most comfortable I own. Try it! Try. it. neeeooowww! Go home & throw them on the floor first if that’s what it takes. 🙂

    Second. Toe cropping. Picture #2. All in favor, say ‘I’. IIIiiiiIIIIiiii

    Picture #3 was my workout this morning. Mission accomplished!

  6. I try to tell my dad this same message: move more, eat less, choose healthy foods, eliminate the garbage and you’ll look and feel great!

  7. Back to the basics! No THAT is how we get things done!

  8. julesdownunder says:

    Thanks for swinging by my blog post on Melbourne’s City2Sea! Now, if I can only find some shoes that fit…

  9. bgddyjim says:

    Got some really expensive stuff and some really cheap stuff… None of it matters a lick at 99.5 miles at 4 hours 58 minutes. It’s all about the legs and will at that point – and those are both sexier than a pair of foo-foo socks. Great post.

    I always like writing about experiences, not advice. Mainly because when I was drunk in a gutter you couldn’t tell me anything anyway.

    • CultFit says:

      My Grandpa always told my brothers and I as kids: “You guys will never learn anything when you are talking …”. It took me the better part of 20 years to figure this out, plus having some kids as well helped out.

      Back in England we had a MTB club on base which met for weekly rides in Thetford forest on Friday afternoons. This one dude/old timer British civilian who always rode with us and rumor was he started the club years ago … (his name was Mark). Mark rode a early 90’s Voodoo hard-tail – Rigid front fork – Single speed (before it was cool)). A very zero flash/bling bike. This dude had quads like tree trunks and calves carved from granite (no homo) and I remember the first time I rode with him, got my ass kicked – Big time. Moral of the story: Legs and Heart trump flashy bike any day of the week.

  10. Now that’s my kind of workout. I would most likely follow that tough workout with stuffing my face with peanut butter cups while watching Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

  11. I buy most of my work out gear from second hand shops…mostly black t-shirts and shorts. Not exactly the “hip, trendy’ guy at the gym I’ve had the same Merrill trail runners for 6 years now. I do alll my running in those. I go barefoot when I can. Live the life I love – love the life I live. I’ll be e-mailing for that workout…as if I didn’t have enough going on! Another great post…

  12. LizForADay says:

    I think I luv blogging just for the pure interaction with other bloggers. It is a way to meet other like minded people. I have given up on the advice thing along time ago. I rely more on reflection these days & positivity. 🙂 Great post as usual.

  13. jswesner says:

    Love your truth and the fire pony!
    I want to hear about this crazy workout. Do I need weights? I ‘m looking for a few outstanding workouts this next few days while I am out of town.

  14. So true — we have to make sure we WALK our talk, not just sit and speak it!

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