True Nature

Sex is dirty only if it’s done right-

**We are purposely skimming the surface of this topic.  If you want the science behind these simple ideas?  You are completely in the wrong place.**

Quick note:  When our bodies hurt, we don’t feel particularly Sexy and the last thing we want is further discomfort.  Not only for ourselves but for our partner as well.  Few things in life are worse than having a mind that is ready to experiment and play … With a body that is frail and subject to break at any moment.  So how do we overlook  our pain(s) for the promise of a fun-filled evening, breakfast, second breakfast, lunch?!?

Runner High” … We have all heard of this euphoric state and the pure pleasure many feel when they gently enter into it.    Take a deep breath and revel in the comfort that you do not have to run a marathon, 5k, Mud-Run (these are pleasurable and erotic for different reasons …) or be a serious athlete to benefit from a “Runner High“.  When we feel calm and blissful after a hearty laugh or many other pleasant experiences we passionately enjoy?  Magical little chemicals are at work in our bodies giving us our high.

If you find yourself  in a loving relationship, using the connection you have as a source of comfort will slowly melt the pain away.  If you are on your own, it’s time to get creative!

What are some ways we can get creative to help melt our pains away?  We’ll toss in a few to get the discussion started:

Leave a love note on the bathroom mirror for your special someone to see in the morning  (Dirty – Erotic … They all work).
Go to a mushy movie early one evening or pull one up on Netflix (Hugh Grant, Collin Farrell), get comfy and proceed to touch and kiss passionately.  Get lost in one another and forget about the horrid movie in the first place.

The Plan-

Link of the Day: Mighty Fine Art

The Workout-


Limber up as you see fit followed by:

Hollow Rocks for 5 Minutes

Side Planks for 5 Minutes

Hinge Walk Out – Perfect Push Up for 5 Minutes

**5 Minutes is a unique amount of time to each and every one of us, some may like 10?  Others 9 … **


Never underestimate the healing power of touch (Insert cheeky message here _______)  … ENJOY!!!

3 Comments on “True Nature”

  1. Rachel Noel says:

    Are there really no other comments today? That’s pretty funny. I guess sex can still be the unmentionable. I really liked this post. Sex, love, and relationship should never fall by the way side. We always here that exercise will increase our sex drive- but too much exercise can take it away. It can be a great gauge for if you’re doing too much. Like the old axiom that you should be able to talk while you run. If you’ve stopped having sex, or don’t have enough time for it because you need to hit the gym, you’ve got off course.

    • CultFit says:

      Nope, you are the only one and I completely agree with you. I guess this really is a taboo subject to bring up although I feel it is an important discussion to have.
      Anyways, thank you for your kind thoughts and please take care!

  2. LizForADay says:

    I say you can never have enough, if and when you can get it. It is very therapeutic let me tell it. Sorry for chiming in so late. I am so far behind on my reading. 🙂 I wish having sex were the reason why. Oh well. 🙂

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