It’s Like … You’re Reading My Mind

Shields up! Rrrrred alert-

Welcome to Story Time with Uncle Mo!  Feel free to pull up a chair or stand if you like.  Chances are you won’t be sticking around much longer?!?

Ahh, the end of Summer is near or is it amateur hour is coming to an end?  Summer is a time for runners to flock to the great outdoors!  Who am I kidding, anyone can be a runner when its nice outside.  Where are these peeps when the cold rain starts falling and the sun stops shinning at 5pm?  Yup, inside.  Telling stories of great conquest and glory from their summer running days.

Just as you are reading this right now the n00bs are putting away their running shoes and “fuel bags … There they lie for a long winters rest.  The real runners?  Heck, this is the best time of year!  Running in MUD for free and not paying to do it with a 1000 other so-called runners.  Be careful if you mention snow and early mornings amongst a real, die-hard yeti runner!  You may never hear the end of it!

The Plan-

The Workout-

Rest Day … Self Reiki and Walking Meditation.


Have a splendid day and ENJOY!!!

9 Comments on “It’s Like … You’re Reading My Mind”

  1. urbanbeings says:

    so little! 😀 made my day! great post, have to say i am not a summer runner, love a bit more chill. have a great day!

    • CultFit says:

      Another reason why I miss England. The temps in the fall and winter were fantastic for running and biking. I’m also fussing over not being able to ride this year in the Thetford Forest MTB Winter Series, oh well.
      I love the fact this cyclist has his full kit on for the little bike, brilliant! I hope you have a great day as well.

      • urbanbeings says:

        Oh no, how come? Everything OK? Yes, has all the serious kit on 🙂 then again, wouldn’t take much to trip you off that bike, might need more than bicycle clips! so so little! i was surprised how fast it went actually… could be something in the nano bike! 🙂

  2. lizforaday says:

    That is too funny, but true. The seasons just bring on more adventure. 🙂

  3. bgddyjim says:

    That is so true! For most runners. You can find me Saturday mornings on Rolston road in the middle of January… I’ll be the one in the cycling jacket with icicles on my eye lashes and eyebrows.

    Well said.

    • CultFit says:

      Thanks mate! Some of the most happy go lucky dudes in our local cycling club love the winter months. Myself included. Talking with a friend recently about our time living in England got me stirred up in regards to this topic. You could ride there every single day of the year. Not so much here … Bummer. Hope you and the family have a great weekend!

  4. I live in Alabama, I long for the winter to run! I think running through the summer might be the true test of the committed around here, lol. I have a lot more company in the Spring & Fall, Summer is decent, but Winter usually gives me the place to myself:)

    • CultFit says:

      Some of the better runs I have had over the past few years were in Huntsville, AL in the fall. Just lovely and the weather was so nice.
      There is a stillness while running alone in the winter, being a big meditation geek I really enjoy the serenity of these times.

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