A Simple Story

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough-

Daily simple pleasures like sleeping in, reading a book in bed and getting the kids off to school in one piece are central to our “Balanced Lives“.  For many, there’s nothing like watching a family of deer play joyfully in a field while out on a run, picking an apple from a farmers orchard during a long ride or holding a loved one close after a long week.  These simple moments keep us stimulated, connected and grounded.

CultFit Maple

When was the last time you took a moment to yourself?

The Plan-

The Workout-

Let’s take a few moments to Warm Up (as you see fit) into a pore cleansing, flowing mass of sweat.

I totally blasted my tri’s and chest today mate … Tore the gym up yo!”  Try not to be this Guy or Gal peeps.

How do we this you may be asking, simple …

On the minute for 40 Minutes:

1 Proper HKC Style TGU (each arm)

**Google it and look ’em up!  Cuddle, Press, Shoe … If you are going to muck about and devote only a marginal effort today?  You might as well kick your VitaCoco bottle down the road for 40 minutes.**


We are all family here and we wouldn’t want it any other way.  Take care this weekend … ENJOY!!!


Monday 19 March 2012

If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us-

Contrary to popular belief we do not receive our training information from the Uzbekistan Intelligence Agency.  Rather we have a “unique” in-house training team that encompasses both males and females across a wide range of athletic abilities.  Some compete others could care less about what happens during the day.  A rather touchy topic came up recently during a run over this past weekend:  If you had to explain minimalist running in eleven words how would you do it?  No more no less…11 words got it!!!

To preface and set up this post for all the sensitive soy chai-tea latte types reading in their minimalist shoes this morning:  We genuinely do not care about your shoes or running philosophy.  If its 5:45 am on a beautiful partially sun lit trail?!?  Carry on pounding your feet into the earth blasting Peaches and Cream in your iPod thingy.  Yeah it is that quite in the morning…Think about that peeps!  Are you this person?!?  Carrying on then…

As a social experiment try this the next time you see a granola crunching/VFF peep out on the trail?  Be prepared to walk away after the eleven word limit and by all means purge the non-sense they spill forward.  Ready?

Last night we presented this very question to our own Bio-Mechanical Engineer Uncle Harry, a rather flamboyant older gentleman.  Now understand you have to say this aloud as you do it?  Understand that last bit?  It truly is the most through 11 word definition of how to run in known existence:

“My foot should hit the gentle earth beneath me moving backwards!”

Can you believe that?  Is it really that simple?  “…I Just bought four books for my Kindle teaching me how to run and you guys did it in 11 words?”

Start poking holes naysayers although be advised if you are “new” here and easily get butt-sore…Say the above words over and over as you wander the aisles in Whole Foods looking for gluten-free flax-seed oil.  Unless you are prepared to take on Uncle Harry in an elastic energy/forward momentum debate?  We kindly recommended you walk away from this argument next time on the trail…at 5:45 in the AM…when we are chilling out…not listening to Peaches and Cream!!!

The Plan-

Today’s sign of the coming Apocalypse:

Please click on me dear yoga mom…

The Workout-

Are we still getting up before the Sun rises in the morning?

From our “Book Ends” series here…

30 Minute Walk/Trail Run…Walk and if you feel like running go for it, followed by:

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Perfect One Arm Presses (non-pressing arm is holding a plate, db, kb 10 lbs heavier than pressing weight)…Followed by:

10 Perfect Hinge Walk Out Push Ups (walk out once – 10 push ups – walk back)

10 Minutes Messing about with the Turkish Get Up (Not for time and not AMRAP!  Carry over from last week and fiddle around with small muscle activation)

20 Minute Walk/Trail Run…


FYI- Friday is going to be work up to a Heavy One Rep Each Arm TGU.  Now though extensive research on our part we have unlocked two very different types of peeps:  The one who will go nuts all week putting up big numbers only to stink up the joint Friday and the peeps who will refine technique and pattern the movement daily.  We’ll see who shows up Friday won’t we?  Be safe and most importantly today, ENJOY!!!