Go, No Go …

A woman, the more curious she is about her face, is commonly the more careless about her house-

Dammit Jim!  We have been hoodwinked again … I stayed up all night watching the Mars Landing Thingy and this morning?  My motivation to go out and achieve great things has vanished into thin air!

Does this story sound familiar to you?  Ever turned the last page  of a great book (Born to Run/Fifty Shades of Suck) and immediately want to go out and do great things after your Motivation Meter is pegged at ten?

Sadly, True and lasting inspiration cannot come from outside sources, no matter how many times you watch Rocky!!!  True inspiration must take place within a very deep place inside all of us.  This is one of those: You will know it when you see it sort of things.  The kind of  inspiration that propels you to be courageous, powerful and inspiring to not only yourself but those around you as well.

True inspiration is deep inside you right now!  Problem is we fail to see and feel this in a book or movie.  Reward yourself this week and do some soul-searching … The answer is staring at you in the mirror!

Amazing first pics from the Curiosity Rover!!!

The Plan-

The Workout-

Take a moment to watch this video:  One Race, Every Medalist Ever!!!

Our signature Happy Hips Warm Up followed by:

5k Pulse Trail Run … ?!?


What you got Britain?  Oh … Infinitely better beer.  That’s a biggie for us to forget about!  Have an awesome day today curious and motivated peeps, ENJOY!!!

Come Explore With Us …

To be frugal is to return before straying-

Well you have done it once again.  You have wasted yet another splendid week reading the ramblings of CultFit HQ.  Bravo, dear reader(s)!

Like looking at the glorious pictures of others lives is extremely easy and addicting.  The hedonic treadmill is awfully easy to hop onto as well.  Slowly, each and everyday we begin to take our current lives for granted.  Always trying to reach the next level of fulfillment.  Try to understand that the hedonic treadmill is not a necessary part of living life.  Can you keep a secret?  It’s perfectly acceptable to enjoy what you have, right now – at this very moment.  Look around you … That is enough!

**While we take a moment to water our parched and withering flowers outside.  Punch “Hedonic Treadmill” into your Google Machine.**

Let’s Go Explore the Wonderful World Around Us!!!

The Plan-

This is without doubt the photo of the Olympics:

Hat Tip: Greg Bull of the Associated Press

The Workout-

Simply take a moment today and dedicate yourself to “yourself“.  It very well may be the hardest thing you have done so far this week … We woke up early and peacefully went for a nice Walk and lost ourselves in a nice quite Yoga progression.


Be happy today and make it great!  Over the weekend? Have fun, shop for some Poo Paper and ENJOY!!!

Crackin Good Job Boys!

No Quote Needed-

Sir Chris Hoy brings  home another gold in a new world record time of 42.600!!!

Sir Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny and Philp Hindes … Crakin good job boys!!!

Hat Tip: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

The Numbers Speak For Themselves …

No Quote Needed-

Snatch: 175kg (WR)

Clean and Jerk: 204 (WR)

Total: 379kg (WR)

Say hello to Lu Xiaojun!!!

That Was Me – I Did This …

Randy, you know, when I want advice on cheeseburgers or not wearing a shirt, you’re the person I’ll come to-

Now that you have  prepared for any challenge in your way.  You can’t wait to go out and prove yourself to the world!

Today you are making history!!! Today is a day for the ages.  What you achieve today is a story you’ll tell your kids and grand kiddo’s over and over (nauseously) just so see their eyes widen when you say, “That was me!  I did this!

Take a moment to think of all the great first moments in sports history: The very first Olympics.  Tom Brady’s first touchdown pass, Your first pair of $125.00 Lululemon yoga pants and Tim Tebow running shirtless in the rain.  What you achieve today will be right there, the pinnacle of all of these great moments.

Completely off topic.  Here is our solution to the empty seat(s) mess at the London Summer Olympics:

The Plan-

Just wait for it … Chad Le Clo’s Father, Burt Le Clo?!?  Let’s just say he’s welcome over anytime!!!

**Apologies for the video and audio quality.  We had cut back on our production budget.**

The Workout-

Our Warm Up is the exact opposite of what you did yesterday.  Dial the intensity knob down to about three and simply have fun.  Followed by:

Not for time …

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Perfect Ring Dips (no hurry today.  Play around and see what works best for you.)


Put yourself out there today and achieve something great!  Have fun and ENJOY!!!