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People who make no mistakes lack boldness and the spirit of adventure. They are the brakes on the wheels of progress-

One would think that giving is something nice to do, something to celebrate, something to enjoy, something to embrace and yet, very often there is a great deal of discomfort and even embarrassment that surrounds giving.

Why is this so?

Is it that we’re worried what other people will think of us, whether they will approve of our gift, sentiment or words? Is it that we are expecting a certain result and become fearful that we might not receive it? Or is it that we somehow feel unworthy or insecure in the process of giving?


Whatever the reason, the next time I “give“, I will be bold, I will give with every bit of my being, irregardless of the expectations I harbor and the fear gripping me.

Be well today and have a great weekend!

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Strange Apparition

I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine-

It’s tough to integrate into our personal story a time in our life that turned us upside down, challenging all that we’ve known and trusted.

Story time …

I’m always looking for metaphors that might resonate with the kind readers of CultFit, as they seek to catch a second wind in their workout and lives. Some of these metaphors work, some flat-out fail and some baste themselves in the hot summer sun.

This past week, I was afforded the opportunity to talk with a friend who shares my love of being active, exploring meditation, yoga and reading. We discussed in-depth a rather interesting metaphor that resonated for both of us: The Trilogy. Some stories in literature are so complicated and involved that they require more than one book. HOLY CRAP! I was thinking Fifty Shades of Grey! While my more ed-u-ma-cated friend brought up, The Foundation by Isaac Asimov. In each book of a trilogy, characters are more fully developed and explored, secrets formerly held are brought to the reader’s attention, and plot lines unfold before our eyes.

What if you thought of your journey to being healthy as a trilogy of stories? What would each book be called?

For me, the first book in my trilogy would be called, F**k It! I can do whatever I want: In which a punk ass kid flippantly ignores the love of others in order to make himself feel like a complete bad ass. My second book would be called: Ignore the pain to succeed in life: In which an arrogant blonde haired dude ignores the pain his body provides him in order to pursue vain, self-serving goals; Ignoring family and friends at every turn. And I hope someday to call the last book in my tantalizing trilogy: Marinating in the Sauce of Life: In which an old, humble man is content to accept whatever gifts the world tosses his way.


The most uplifting, useful stories are the ones told by resilient, authentic people; Just like you. We can learn a great deal from one another here at CultFit, from the stories we passionately share Take care this holiday weekend and please be well.

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Dense Blues

One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don’t clean it up too quickly-

Like a freshly packed snowball hitting you up-side the head, Christmas is finally here.  Many blog-o-peeps would tell you that life is “grand” and “splendid” this time of year although out here in the “real” world … We struggle with stress, family and other worries that muddle our thoughts.

CultFit Nice

Seeking out solitude for a few peaceful minutes to think is a true blessing:  A warm cup of tea before the little ones awaken, running your favorite trail tonight and taking a long nap while watching ‘A Christmas Story’ for the fifth time.

A few peaceful and thoughtful minutes …

The Plan-

CultFit This

The Workout-

Hill Sprints … As a Warm Up followed by:

CultFit Christmas

1 Minute Perfect Handstand Hold

35 Perfect Push Ups

1 Minute Perfect Handstand Hold

30 Perfect Push Ups

1 Minute Perfect Handstand Hold

25 Perfect Push Ups

1 Minute Perfect Handstand Hold

20 Perfect Push Ups

1 Minute Perfect Handstand Hold

15 Perfect Push Ups


Our gift to you Dear Reader this Christmas?!?

Gratitude.  Our CultFit family has some of the most dedicated and passionate peeps around and we truly can not thank you enough for your continued support.  We sincerely wish all of you and your families a Merry Christmas!  Be well friends and ENJOY!!!