Red Light

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous-

The little things in life. The sound of your cleats clicking purposely into your pedals, the wash of riding through a freshly formed puddle, the sound of tree branches playing briskly in the wind, are music to my ears.

The little things in life. The sound of silence during an early morning run, the gentle flight of seeing the first blue jay of spring, an optimistic robin persuades me to perform an aria with her during the final miles.

The little things in life. The sound of your wife blow drying her hair early on a Saturday morning, the snap of an eyeliner case, the sound of shaking an empty bottle of hand lotion, truly music to my ears. The continuo: the little one’s bedroom door opening sneakily and shutting with a giggle, a gust of wind across the siding, the last drop of coffee pouring into a porcelain cup.¬†The little things are what we remember of this Life.

The large events in our personal lives have their place as well. Finishing and running a personal best 10k, belonging in the lead group before the start of a marathon, finishing your first century ride of the year. However, even the large events are assembled craftily from many little “things“. The rush to the local emergency room and the stillness of the air in such a sterile environment, the brave face you try to present to the caring staff, the small choked cry and the sound of tears dropping with purpose on a medical tray, the snap of a joint being dutifully put back into place, the sound of thread being pulled through the wound, the way your loved one holds your hand tight. The little things.


These little things we neglect, are Everything.

CultFit Street

It’s Time

Nothing like being scolded by a hippie-

The idea of acceptance, mindfulness, minimalism are so trendy of late. You can see this trend growing with the popularity of meditation/zen/whatever blog-o-posts, green this and green that folks, yoga-moms/dads from far and wide. You can read about it here, on this blog-o-thing if you pay attention for just a few weeks. People are being asked to come into better contact with the present; to be less attached, entangled by social media and humble; focusing more on purpose and meaning. All of these changes raise an interesting question (so I think).

Why now?

None of these topics and approaches to living authentically are new. Neither are single speed bikes, fedora’s, Pabst Blue Ribbon and black rimmed glasses for the sake of argument. Just like you, these ideals have been puttering along, kicking cans down the road for eons …

Why the sudden resurgence of popularity?

Hippies?!? New research studies and science!?! The inter-webz?!?

I suspect acceptance, mindfulness and minimalism are trending of late because normal folks are yearning for something remarkably simple right now: That acceptance, mindfulness and minimalism may help nourish and guide them in their busy lives.

How many of you read a yoga magazine while watching “reality” tv? Watch a streaming TV show while working on your computer? Heck, watch a TV while running on a treadmill even?!?

And what substance is in the gush of media and connectivity we have unleashed on ourselves? Everything imaginable in the world is available, for us to consume, all at one time. Although if you slow life down and actually seek? Through seeking you will discover the images of courage, bravery, unconditional love and connection that surround us are simply being overwhelmed by the pain and judgment we stream into our minds endlessly.

Acceptance, mindfulness and minimalism¬†are immensely important right now for a simple reason. In order for us to prosper inside this modern bubble, that each one of us have created. We need to learn how to relate to our own minds in a different way. There is no retreating, unplugging or escaping … I implore you to move forward in life, just in a slightly different way.


I’m not leaving until you surrender, peacefully.

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