Red Light

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous-

The little things in life. The sound of your cleats clicking purposely into your pedals, the wash of riding through a freshly formed puddle, the sound of tree branches playing briskly in the wind, are music to my ears.

The little things in life. The sound of silence during an early morning run, the gentle flight of seeing the first blue jay of spring, an optimistic robin persuades me to perform an aria with her during the final miles.

The little things in life. The sound of your wife blow drying her hair early on a Saturday morning, the snap of an eyeliner case, the sound of shaking an empty bottle of hand lotion, truly music to my ears. The continuo: the little one’s bedroom door opening sneakily and shutting with a giggle, a gust of wind across the siding, the last drop of coffee pouring into a porcelain cup. The little things are what we remember of this Life.

The large events in our personal lives have their place as well. Finishing and running a personal best 10k, belonging in the lead group before the start of a marathon, finishing your first century ride of the year. However, even the large events are assembled craftily from many little “things“. The rush to the local emergency room and the stillness of the air in such a sterile environment, the brave face you try to present to the caring staff, the small choked cry and the sound of tears dropping with purpose on a medical tray, the snap of a joint being dutifully put back into place, the sound of thread being pulled through the wound, the way your loved one holds your hand tight. The little things.


These little things we neglect, are Everything.

CultFit Street

8 Comments on “Red Light”

  1. megsays says:

    Ohh my. This was my favorite post in a while. Eloquently written and so true! It really is the little things, and it’s heartwarming to know when they don’t go unnoticed.

  2. This is just beautiful. Thank for reminding us to be grateful of little things.

  3. Sandra says:

    Heartfelt and a beautiful reminder. As sort of a last minute, “hey maybe I should go”, i went with mom to the hospital last night for her pre-op “this is what knee replacement surgery is about, this is what’s going to happen.” So glad i went. Everyone else had at least a spouse (if not also a friend or child) with them. We lost dad two years ago in May, all i could think about was how much she probably wished he was there. So glad i remembered the little thing yesterday. To me. To her it was huge.

    • CultFit says:

      Beautiful and touching moment, thank you for sharing this. I sincerely wish Mom the very best, having gone through what she is experiencing … I’m really at a loss of word here. I’ll send you a text or email this morning telling you more. Please take care today and tell Mom it gets better, slowly, each and every day 🙂

  4. Sandra says:

    I look forward to hearing from you . . . I’ve had complete ACL replacement back 13 years ago–but it ain’t the same.

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