I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder-

Every day presents us with a generous gift; every breath we take is a blessing upon our souls.There is nothing to take for granted in this fleeting, A to B life we live. Much of what we experience,day-to-day is petty, an annoyance to our drab routines. We become impatience far too easily, loathe the people we virtually “follow” … Building and releasing anger is our daily libation.

Not everyone in the world embraces the harsh reality above, please take a moment to introduce yourselves to two very inspiring bloggers this morning:

Random Encounters of the Inquisitive Mind

Simply Enjoy

Award Notes:

There’s something very uplifting about being considered for an award. I am sincerely filled with a sense of pure gratitude, thank you for taking the time to put forth your purest thoughts.When you first open your eyes tomorrow, as your mind slowly drifts off into sleep, fill the moments in between with gratitude.

CultFit Spring

Fool in the Rain

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter-

There is a glitch in the system. Being grateful, humble and full of joy is inherently easy when the sun is shining, when the kids are being good (for once) when our dreams start to come true, when the world seems to be for our taking. There’s always a “but” and today’s but is a biggie, like Sir Mix A-Lot big! But … Gratitude is a glitzy system. Are you grateful when you step on a Lego at 5am? When your perfect treadmill trot goes sideways? When you quite can’t find stillness, awareness and comfort in your daily yoga practice. Every door seems to be slamming us in the face? F! Gratitude!!!

“This is the last time I step on a mother bleeping Lego …” Like any system, the system of gratitude relies on triggers. Sometimes it takes a smack in the head, a Lego, someone saying “Hello and Good Morning” with a genuine smile. Some may find an early morning run a rather pleasant trigger, a cup of coffee or snuggling with a loved one before going to work. Small, grateful triggers to set the tone for the day.

The Workout-

Open the door to happiness in your life, step outside, begin your day with a smile, join a friend for a workout – walk – run – yoga … whatever.


What was your grateful trigger this morning? What small moment changed your outlook on the day and brought a smile to your face? For me, I simply stepped on a Star Wars Lego piece, I think it was a Light saber?!?

CultFit Gratitude