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The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend-

Romanticizing, endlessly, about the past is a passionate avocation, and dare I say an easy one to indulge in, as long as you overlook the self-serving conversations such as renewable-clean energy sources, carbon offsets, living a gluten-free lifestyle and what happened this past weekend while on holiday. That said, some cultural bygones such as meaningful conversation among close friends really do have their merits.

Few “things” in life are in fact as pleasurable and fertile as engaging in heartfelt, close conversation. Whether you’re falling in love again for the first time, riding some sweet trails with a cycling buddy, listening to an insightful yoga instructor during class (thank you Cheryl, Suzanne and Maia) or beginning a new friendship. Open ended, seemingly unimportant conversation is essential to building a close relationship. Conversation is also the means by which we learn, via other people, how in which the world works. A meandering conversation unlocks doors to memories long ago stored away, and forgotten.

Daily Meditation:

Without conversation, conversations that take us on spontaneous journeys through various ideas and opinions, how can we being to explore and awaken the minds of others, and ourselves? Be well and have an inspiring day!

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Best for : You :

The battle you are going through is not fueled by the words or actions of others; it is fueled by the mind that gives it importance-

I was speaking with a close friend this past weekend and he asked me – quite bluntly like most dudes do, what change(s) since I ended the “reign of terror” on my body had the greatest impact on my being able to “compete” again? <– whatever this means. He waited patiently for me to share my “bad-ass” – “hardcore” training plan with him as we sipped our coffee during a frigid mid ride stop The answer he eagerly awaited never arrived. As many of my longtime readers may know, the change(s) I made in my life were due in part to neglecting and abusing my body for many years. Moving on, after a long awkward pause I finally answered his question: I get up at 4 a.m. – Every single day. His response, in typical dude fashion was: “Why?!?” – Why wake at four in the morning?

I simply, love waking up early. I get to be myself before the little one wakes up for the day. It’s peaceful early in the morning, and the world awakening around me feels calm and serene. The subtle gift of time speaks to my soul. You have to meet yourself there, early one morning to experience it – Dude.

Daily Meditation:

We fail to realize the rejuvenate energy given to us in the morning as we rush straight through it – Rushing to the gym to count reps mindlessly, updating our social status to let the world know we attended a 5:30 am yoga class. Such is the ebb and flow of life

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(You) Wish

To find out what is truly individual in ourselves, profound reflection is needed; and suddenly we realize how uncommonly difficult the discovery of individuality is-

Ever since I was introduced to nonviolence (shortly after my knee surgery), I have been studying, learning and working steadily to free my consciousness from the traps I have inherited over the many years of my life. Each morning when I rise out of bed, sore, bitter, angry at the world before I even have my first soothing sip of ginseng tea.

I relentlessly make the conscious effort to devote time and energy throughout the day to removing from my vocabulary words that point to certain ways of thinking such as “should I”, “I can’t, “I have to do this”, and all metaphors of virulence.

Every day I make deliberate choices that are at extreme odds with the world’s addiction to convenience,addiction to violence and to harming ourselves, an addiction whose gravity I recognize within myself – Each and everyday.

*I would sincerely appreciate any and all feedback you provide in regards to future posts*


Today, lets take an early afternoon walk, hand in hand – directly towards emotional discomfort and away from violence … Again and again so as to create true freedom in ourselves. To live the lives We want.

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Tune Down

Patience, n. — A minor form of despair, disguised as a virtue-

People are cynical and honestly: Why wouldn’t they be?  All of us are overworked, trampled on, paying more for yoga class and coconut water.  Our dreams are slowly fading away and struggling to find meaning.

Dark clouds seemingly consume the conversations we have with friends and family. Is talking about Doom and Gloom useful? It some instances it can be, just not today.

Today we challenge you to find the courage to be optimistic!

The Plan-

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The Workout-

Happy Hips, a little Balance Beam work and Skipping Rope (if you “jump rope”?  Try again).  Followed By:

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Roll a Single Die three times: 100,200,400,600,,800,1000

It’s KB Swing Medley time peeps!

Left Hand, Right Hand, Double Hand, Single Bell (HEAVY), Side Step Swings

Hard Style!  Roll your precious die carefully … The number it displays is the amount of Swings you will be performing!


True personal awaking and change happens thorough conversation, Dear Friends.  Open up and comment below about anything in your life, purge these thoughts from you.  The more Random the better … ENJOY!!!

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