Granite (S)tate

There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable-

You feel your willpower diminishing as the morning grinds on. Suddenly, watching TV this evening and finishing a dozen cronuts sounds like the perfect plan to wrapping up this dreadful day. To hell with running and “working out” after work!

*Plot Twist*

You may want to write this down or bookmark it even – Chances are you may not read anything quite like it here again Anything that reduces stress, boosts your mood, or recharges your spirit can also restore your sense of self-control. Conveniently listed below are a couple of my go to strategies, although they may look like temptations and distractions, I like to think of them as “strategic indulgences“.

Cronuts, go ahead and try to resist these flaky morsels that have descended upon us from heaven! That “thing” between our ears uses more energy for willpower than practically anything else. A small tasty bite can nudge our brain back into self-control mode. Fine, make it a few bites!

Our willpower is often at its peak in the morning, after a good nights rest. When we become tired, it often becomes much harder to control our impulses. Sneaking in a short nap in the afternoon helps to not only reduce stress, a short nap also improves our mood, and restores focus. Pretty cool!


Your body, mind and spirit need a break from time to time – I also know that restoring our willpower is unique to each one of you reading today. Exploring new ways to restoring your willpower is time well spent Are you going to finish that last cronut?!?