No. 6

I’ll settle for the 6 horse
on a rainy afternoon
a paper cup of coffee
in my hand
a little way to go,
the wind twirling out
small wrens from
the upper grandstand roof,
the jocks coming out
for a middle race
and the easy rain making
at once
almost alike,
the horses at peace with
each other
before the drunken war
and I am under the grandstand
feeling for
settling for coffee,
then the horses walk by
taking their little men
it is funereal and graceful
and glad
like the opening
of flowers.

– Charles Bukowski

CultFit Flower

3 Comments on “No. 6”

  1. katelon says:

    Love his work….sad life, but so brutally honest.

    • CultFit says:

      Do you find his ability to capture a moment in time to be simply profound beyond words?!? The density and depth, its moving …
      I hope all is well my friend, take care and I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

    • katelon says:

      Perhaps it was his raw willingness to be sensitive and vulnerable that led him to alcohol and his rough living. It seems that he was willing to expose himself to life deeply. And yet, in other ways, he seems to have been protecting himself as well, escaping from life. Such a contradiction.

      I’m ok…just readying to move forward again. I’ve been sequestered in a way for months, doing lots of out of body work, living in isolated situation. Soon I will be stepping out again.

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