Do not ruin today with mourning tomorrow-

I’ve managed to stay relatively injury free this year by self-imposing a balance between unexciting “things” and exciting “things“.  At home and away from my play outdoors I limit my larder to unexciting events – cleaning up, emptying the dish washer and mowing the yard.

Lately I’ve realized I need to apply the same approach to all areas of my life. I tend to gravitate towards highly stimulating play, conversation and work the way I gravitate toward fine wine and delectable treats. I spoil myself with action, and going too hard physically. I often fail at times to seek flow, the high-stimulation thrill of doing at exciting speed whatever I feel like. To keep myself from becoming jaded, I need to compensate for my highly stimulated actions by deliberately cultivating my ability to find stillness, awareness and comfort.


My trick? Mindfulness exercise: Sitting in a quiet place as I intently watch my breath. A stimulating thought arises in my mind from a recent conversation with a close friend. I gently say “This is just a thought – A wish” . Mindfulness practice keeps my body and mind focused. How do you find balance between unexciting and exciting – I’m curious?!?

One last note, Love helps as well

CultFit Love

10 Comments on “F(low)”

  1. I agree, Yoga has been the only space in which I feel true mindfulness and then maybe trail running. I have to been so focused on my breath during Yoga or my foot placement while on the trail that I cannot allow other thoughts to invade that focus. I miss it terribly when I’ve been away from it for too long.

    • CultFit says:

      The stillness I feel now walking the same trails I used to be able to run, is what calls me to the outdoors. The same thought applies to stepping on my mat with intention and purpose. Although, I rarely use one now, practicing yoga outside during fall is simply unbeatable. Now if we had some beautiful aspen trees here? Mind Blown! 😉 Take care!

  2. I third it — YOGA!! Although I’ve recently taken some boring yoga class where clearly my mind was not practicing mindfulness. I’m still working on it…

  3. custardmat says:

    Also with the yoga and running

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