“Single” means you are brave enough to face the glorious unknown of the unaccompanied journey-

Time to pump the brakes on the whole mindfulnessmeditation talk of late. Let us focus our attention on cyclocross racing and placing harmful “labels” on people instead!

I have developed over the years a love for lumping “things” into categories. Abstainers and Moderators, Yoga Moms and Yogi(s), Marathoner Runners and 5K Free Spirits, People who shop at Lululemon and Discount Rack Fashionistas, Road Bike Weight Weenies and Cyclocross Folks. I have more to share if you like and I’m positive you do as well!?!

A fleeting conversation (with a close friend) recently during a morning group ride, Inspired me to take notice of a few random thoughts of my own:

One person remarked, I enjoy a simple life another friend responded,I enjoy a life lived to the fullest” Pedaling along I thought to myself that these were the most interesting pair of remarks that I’d ever heard from lycra clad road warriors.

Further down the trail, this seemingly simple conversation got me thinking (which is extremely dangerous): Is there a distinction to be drawn between these two harmless remarks?

Does one group – Let’s “label” them: Simplicity Lovers (Singlespeed – Steel is real – Ride to the event folks)–prefer to have less, care less about costs, bling, latest and fastest, weight, carry no spare supplies – except a bottle opener? Does this go with a love of Calm and Stillness?

And does the other group–I’ll call them: Abundance Lovers (Carbon – Weight Weenies who show up to a grass-roots cyclosross race with a $4500 steed and race cat5 …)–prefer to have more and more, desire fullness, overflow with confidence, have 14 bikes hanging in the garage, ample supplies in the back of their Subaru to outfit a pro team of riders? Does this go with a love of Lust and Desire?

What do you think of these two categories I have created? If the post so far strikes a chord with you, what group do you identify with?

*After much thought, I placed myself in the simplicity lovers category.*

Picture 003

Quick intermission – Stand up, stretch, wiggle your sparkly toes, grab a drink, smile! I don’t often share bloated and tedious posts, so consider yourself lucky this fine fall morning

Why do we need to categorize and label people? Have you ever stopped to consider the harm caused by assigning names to certain people, groups, or dare I say – Religions? The label we place, puts the person in a box. No matter what they do or say, they can’t get out of that box. The labels we place, defines them.

How many of us actually like to be “labeled”? I certainly tire of being called a simple-minded, blonde haired dude, free spirit – it gets old really quick

The problem I want to address. once again, arises when we are unaware of the labels we often apply, like during a bike ride, start of a local 5k, chatting with a friend over lunch. We fail to stop and realize the damage we are doing by placing “labels” on others. Once a person is labeled, it’s very hard for them to move away

I – You – We, passionately know there are vast differences between each and every one of us – just the way in which I write is but one example. I implore you this morning to reflect on the boxes you have ready to place on people today: Whether their choice of yoga pants, the bike they ride, you see two dudes holding hands and sharing an embrace – you get my point, I hope!

Instead of putting  people into their respective boxes, I challenge you to deliberately refrain from placing your go to label. Open that damn “thing” between your ears, you – scruffy looking nerf herder!!!


This weekend in Omaha is what is affectionately known as “Omaha CX Weekend“. Omaha CX Weekend is a wonderful time to wade into the waters of cyclocross racing, and I use racing loosely – If ringing cow bells, wading through mud, eating brats seconds before a race and drinking beer to refuel sounds like a race to you? Come on out and I will personally pay your registration fee!

For a more in-depth description of the lunatics who ride SINGLE CROSS <—Click here

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9 Comments on “Single(Cross)”

  1. katelon says:

    Great article and beautiful picture. Couldn’t someone live life to the fullest and love the simple life? I used to do team building and people would ask if I used Meyers Briggs typing, the Ennegram, etc. and I’d bristle as I felt that ended up diminishing and typing people. Instead, I used movement improv to allow people to discover ways they interacted and give them the opportunity to make changes if desired, allowing them to see how they misjudge and perceive others and themselves. But then I got introduced to Carol Tuttle’s system of discovering your true nature and it freed me up in ways I wouldn’t have imagined, and helped me understand others without just sticking them in boxes.

    IMO labels can be ok if used as a starting point as long as a person then allows room for the shades of something to arise rather than just using a label, putting someone in a box and shutting the lid.

    I have never been a black and white thinker as I always see the “ands” and “whatelses”. (ok..there was a label right there LOL!

    • CultFit says:

      The second picture I hope … 😉
      This is a great conversation that I sincerely wish we could enjoy in person, very wide ranging and powerful. You are so correct in regards to using labels as a starting point. I strain at times to be both pithy and informative, talking more in depth about this would require a lot of patience on your part! I like getting dirty in the minutiae of a topic, exposing and digging around in our thoughts – This is a great topic to do so with!
      I hope you have a great weekend ahead of you, take care today and please be well.

    • katelon says:

      Yes, second picture! I love trees, they are beautiful spirits. I am the same…not wanting to beat a topic to death, but definitely exploring it to its depths 🙂

  2. bgddyjim says:

    I’m a happy owner of an 18 pound (soon to be 17 pound – with pedals – new 1450 gram wheels on the way) $3,200 carbon, red racing striped on black clear-coated FACT carbon (10-R) Ferrari of a road bike. I’m a weight weenie and I’m okay with the label. I put labels on people all of the time, but I don’t treat anyone according to my (usually ignorant) label… I ride with weight weenies and fatties alike, men, women, I don’t care… I’m just happy to be out riding and lucky to love the steed I’m on. I am a rare bird. I love an old steelie or an old-school 7sp race bike with down tube shifters (have one of those). In other words, I love the differences. I don’t apologize for being the kind of cyclist I am, nor do I hold anyone else’s type against them. Riding is riding and it’s ALL good.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Oh yeah, AWESOME post brother, have a great weekend. 😉

    • CultFit says:

      My thoughts exactly! I like to pick on yoga folks, runners, cyclist – my sense of self-deprecation … Its all about passion, heart and love and we don’t have to limit it to these three fine examples. Short story – I have been working with a woman this summer doing some coaching here and there and as someone to bounce ideas off of. She was simply going through the motions fitness wise, we all do it at certain points in our lives. Being the half smart alack I am 1/2 serious 1/2 not, I called a friend and got her set up at a pole dancing fitness studio – not even joking! And you know what? She loves it and who the heck cares otherwise. 😉 Passion, heart and love – plus two dudes talking about pole dancing … Goodness did I take your awesome comment to the depths of who knows what!

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