This thing about you that you think is your flaw – it’s the reason I’m falling in love with you-

Oscar Wilde once wrote that, “The essence of romance is uncertainty.” Why yes! The age-old strategy for finding love Is by playing hard-to-get, which helps spur yearning, desire and anticipation. Although there are other kinds of “love” and at times its confusing for many (especially myself) because unlike the great word smiths, writers and poets before our time. Today, love is a catchall term for literally, everything. Love carries little or no weight during a conversation, how many times have you said you Love running in the same sentence with: “I Love you.”

Join me by reintroducing other, seldom used terms or endearment back into the lexicon of the modern world. *Bonus points if you use these words with a loved one, stranger and whist working out today.*

Ludus, is a more playful form of affection found in fooling around and flirting. If you feel love for all “things“, humanity, nature, the stinky dude bent over in front of you in yoga class this morning? A more generalized love is Agape.

Philia, is deep, non-sexual intimacy between close friends, family and often at times – complete strangers. Philia can also manifest as a deep bond forged by people who have been through a dramatic or emotional experience together. Can you remember the kind folks who helped support you through your first marathon?

Lastly I want to leave you with the most profound kind of love In order to love another I believe we also need a type of love called Philautia, which is self-love. It’s important to note that in order to care for others, we desperately need to care and love ourselves.


Love is not something we fleetingly fall into. Be well today!

CultFit Burden

10 Comments on “Flaw(ed)”

  1. Susan says:

    I struggle with Philautia on a daily basis. I’m working to get better at it.

    I’m also working on stopping saying things like “I LOVE Zumba” and instead saying “I highly enjoy Zumba!”

    • CultFit says:

      You are not alone my friend, I struggle as well – daily. After thinking some more about the post today, most of time I rush these things together, kinda like blurting out random thoughts during a conversation … I wish we would start putting more meaning and heart into the words we choose to use. If you “love” something? By God, love it with all your heart! 110% unwavering love. 🙂

  2. Sandra says:

    Great post, and reminder. . .

  3. binvested says:

    I have to say, I do use the word way too much, but, I absolutely love it. I never want to regret not saying it, like I have in the past. I do know that now I use it with the thought as to it’s significance in what I am saying or to whom I’m saying it. So anyway…love your post…mean it! I will venture out and try the others, though.

    • CultFit says:

      We share the same thoughts in regards to love and how we use it during the day. I suppose at times we take using it for granted? Like when a husband says to his wife: “Yeah, OK honey – Love you.” An automatic/conditioned response. When we repeat this phrase while holding someone close, looking someone in the eye, leaving a note telling someone how much we love them? It takes on so much more meaning, it carries weight, dense with purpose. 🙂 Be well today and please take care!

  4. Maia says:

    Stinky dude bent over?? There are more I tell ya. What a teacher goes through!!

    Now that’s love for yoga. =)

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