The Amaranth

is an imaginary flower that never fades.
The amaranth is blue with black petals,
it’s yellow with red petals,
it’s enormous and grows into the shape
of a girl’s house,
the seeds nestle high in the closet
where she hid a boy.
The boy and his bike flee
the girl’s parents from the tip
of the leaves, green summer light
behind the veins.
The amaranth is an imaginary flower
in the shape of a girl’s house
dispensing gin and tonics
from its thorns, a succulent.
This makes the boy’s bike steer
off-course all summer, following
the girl in her marvelous car,
the drunken bike.
He was a small part of summer,
he was summer’s tongue.

Matthew Rohrer

CultFit Flower

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