The Circle

I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it-

How often has a monarch butterfly alighted on your arm while riding your favorite path? Not this morning … Yet I do notice that when a certain quiet descends within, the blue jays and wild grouse venture close, still somewhat hesitant in their flight and chatter, although closer with less apprehension.

As I write this morning, my mind is populated by what is happening out on the surrounding roads. My daily routine has taken on its normal seasonal rhythm, the ebb and flow of gliding past bending branches, alongside randomly arranged rows of this seasons harvest.

Suddenly, there is a change.

My pulse quickens and I become alert when sparrows begin their anxious chorus then fall deadly silent. Without looking, I know they perch themselves, arched and frozen. Seeking to blend in with their surroundings, to avoid the searching gaze of a brown snake who lurks below. I know it is the silent one who mutes the sparrow, chatter does not break when I drift along the road like early morning fog.

Sadly, (for many of us) nature is clipped neatly into slices that fit into a weekend’s back country hiking trip and a fenced in playground, riddled with signs warning us of one hazard or another.


What does my little rant have to do with practical matters in your neck of the woods? Nothing really, although I do have a feeling that cycling, being immersed in nature is precisely the solution to so many of the issues that have taken a hold of us.

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9 Comments on “The Circle”

  1. One afternoon as I was horseback riding with friends, we stopped to water the horses at a creek and happened to see a hummingbird alight on a branch. At that moment my friends told me to hold still as a baby hummingbird had also landed on my helmet. We waited quietly until the baby joined its parent. It was a beautiful moment.

  2. ctkwingchun says:

    Friends come and go, but Gung-Fu is forever.

  3. Today during Tai Chi two golden eagles joined us. It was a beautiful moment and stopped the whole class while we watched in awe.

  4. Sandra says:

    Precisely why i desperately missed my going to the BWCA this week with my husband. :-(. Stupid injury. I plan to do some solitary rides on gravel paths this week to try (pathetically) to compensate.

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