Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, Sauté it, whatever. MAKE-

Best of luck to those of you participating in these awesome events this weekend!

SingleSpeed USA

Omaha Corporate Cycling Challenge

Are there times during the day when you wish you could tap into your creative side? What does creativity mean anyway(s)? Is creativity “something” through which you express yourself during yoga class or while enjoying an evening ride, or is creativity “something” that keeps you feeling connected to the earth and those around you?

During a few periods downtime today and throughout the weekend, brushing and flossing your pearly whites or taking a walk in the local market, explore the opportunity to tap into many of the great ideas we have that often get overlooked during the rush of the day. Consider brushing your teeth with your opposite hand … There is “something” happening in these special moments too, which are equally significant in our lives, if we pause and listen.


The creativity many of us search endlessly for, is already there Maybe we need to learn how to sit back, feet up, relaxedchill  and allow “things” to happen?

Have a brilliant weekend and please be well!

CultFit Field

9 Comments on “e(Tude)”

  1. misselletea says:

    Thank you. I hope you have a brilliant weekend too. My only plans are to finish off a crochet monkey. I’m looking forward to a restful, yet productive weekend 🙂

  2. Sandra says:

    I spent 8 hours tucked away in a B&B being creative–working on a book about Alzheimer’s. I needed that so badly.
    I have list the ability to be creative in my space. I need to learn how to get that back!

    • CultFit says:

      Perfect, in every way! 🙂 I see a lot of folks who really push and struggle to get into a creative groove, when in fact – Its been there the whole time, waiting patiently. I hope you guys have a great weekend, be well and please take care.

      • Sandra says:

        Hubby is in the wilderness. I am sidelined due to my shoulder. :-(. I had to do something. :-). Thus this gift to myself.
        Have a great weekend yourself!!

  3. LizForADay says:

    My creativity is all over the place these days. I need to reign it in. Have a good week in Mr. Cultfit! 🙂

  4. mariavlong says:

    What you have just shared is in the air. I hope lots of us are inhaling. I am going to saute, mientras I mentally prepare for my future project: learning how to knit. 🙂

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