Wide Eyes

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences-

Wanting to get out there, on the road and sharing the adventure with other people is something that I believe each one of us has in common …


This past Saturday night, with the sun softly setting over Omaha, NE . A group of passionate riders took to the moon lit gravel roads, sharing a sense of adventure …


The GONG Ride is a self supported, nighttime, gravel road ride that occurs each July “somewhere” around Omaha, NE. Instead of writing some painfully long and bloviated post on why you should delve deeper into seeking out and exploring local events? I’ll let the pictures that follow do the work for me.

I would to take a moment once again to thank the organizers and sponsors that made this truly brilliant event possible, Thank you!

To show your support, learn a bit more about the ride and to see more pictures, feel free to head on over to the GONG Ride Facebook Page.

16 Comments on “Wide Eyes”

  1. Scott Redd says:

    Thanks for coming out and riding with us. It was a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to riding again with you soon.

    Thanks, also, for your generous gift of some fitness sessions at your gym.

  2. Sandra says:

    What a wonderful evening! No wonder you sent happy vibes down I-80 Saturday evening. Next year, maybe, I can join this awesome cyclofest. 🙂

    Cannot WAIT to ride again!!!

    • CultFit says:

      You’ll be back on a bike soon, no doubt about it! There will be a group of us out in your neck of the woods on August 24th for the Gravel Worlds (Denton is close enough to Lincoln).;) If anything, it would be great to meet you and your husband when I head down for the ride … Something to think about, better yet if you need anything from Omaha? I’ll bring it down to you. Take care, rest up and be well!

      • Sandra says:

        How fun! I meant to go to the Gravel Clinic at the Lincoln Running Company last Tuesday to find out what in the world that even means. I suppose seeing Gravel Worlds would do it! Let me know the details, we should be here. I MAY even be on my bike by then (here’s hoping).
        I just love your messages. I know you know that, but I have to reiterate. What a journey you have already had in life. You have learned so much, and are open to so much more.
        You are good people.

        • CultFit says:

          I’ll send you a link to fill you in on all the specifics. 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind thoughts, I am sincerely humbled. Although, I find the path you and your family are exploring to be true inspiration to so many people, its amazing!

          • Sandra says:

            It’s nice to hear that what we are exploring is an inspiration. Sometimes I just feel like I’m slogging through life. 🙂
            Today I had a good run. I hope you find great joy today!

      • Sandra says:

        BTW: I would TOTALLY have worn my Lid Lights on that ride 🙂 Hot Pink Blinkies!

  3. Trapper Gale says:

    My granddaughter is in Omaha attending school and speaks fondly of something she calls the “taco” ride. Not sure what she means, but she has a great time out there.

    • CultFit says:

      The Taco Ride is a “social” bike ride each Thursday from Council Bluffs, Iowa to the Mineola Steak House in Mineola, IA. The Wabash Trace trail is the perfect backdrop (no matter the season) for either a nice walk or cycling with some good friends. The younger kids like to stop off at “margaritaville” for a few drinks before heading down to Mineola for some taco’s and a few more drinks. Needless to say its a lot of fun!

  4. Joy says:

    That looks like a ton of fun! Love the pics.

  5. ctkwingchun says:

    Races that start at 8:52pm HAVE TO BE cool.

    • CultFit says:

      Cool indeed! Easily the best event from start to finish I have participated in. Even better, stopping half way through for a few “country road” bar adult beverages … Awesome night!

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