You’re (a) Customer

Health isn’t about being “perfect” with food or exercise or herbs. Health is about balancing those things with your desires. It’s about nourishing your spirit as well as your body-

I’m sitting at the Whole Foods coffee bar waiting for my shade grown – Mexican Oaxaca french press to finish up, looking around for a tasty treat to share with myself. I have no idea what I want: Blueberry scones, a warm chocolate chip croissant, gluten-free – carrot cake cupcakes!?! The choices were never-ending!

All these scrumptious options leave me confused, hungry, wanting. Which “treat” is just right for me? Is a recipe for disaster.

Although during vulnerable times such as these, it seems like we are bombarded from every direction with messages from family, friends, the friendly barista about how we should live our lives.

When Whole Foods, whatever or whoever dictates how you should live your life, it becomes infinitely harder to be true to your true authentic self.


I enjoyed my coffee a la carte, like I always do. Not the most authentic moment of my morning but pretty close none the less. Taking a firm position allowed me to smile a little brighter … attracting the life (coffee) I really wanted.

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