My Father Teaches Me to Dream

You want to know what work is?
I’ll tell you what work is:
Work is work.
You get up. You get on the bus.
You don’t look from side to side.
You keep your eyes straight ahead.
That way nobody bothers you—see?
You get off the bus. You work all day.
You get back on the bus at night. Same thing.
You go to sleep. You get up.
You do the same thing again.
Nothing more. Nothing less.
There’s no handouts in this life.
All this other stuff you’re looking for—
it ain’t there.
Work is work.
Jan Beatty


Take care today!

CultFit Father

6 Comments on “My Father Teaches Me to Dream”

  1. Sandra says:

    Great message. :-). Life is hard. Grampa used to talk about the University of Hard Knocks.

    Dad’s everlasting message to me was “don’t be afraid to fail.”

    I still keep learning that every day of my life. It is a journey, to confidence that is never fully achieved by some. Others, hubristic in their embracing of it, never struggle on the outside–but one never knows the battles inside.

    Be well, and happy Father’s Day!

  2. Maia says:

    The Mother’s Day photo before was funnier. This is simply natural to look at.
    Happy Dad’s Day, Cult! =)

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