Can words describe the fragrance of the very breath of spring-

For many, it’s rather easy to spot the clutter that surrounds them: “Oh look! A Runners World magazine from April 2004!” Too many gadgets, stacks of tired magazines, shot glasses from travels far and wide; some may be treasure, most of it is trash.

In our personal gardens, our yoga practice, even if we have little or no practical knowledge, we are able to differentiate the “weeds” from the “turnips“. Over the years, through gentle and attentive practice we can spot in the tiniest sprout of green breaking the earth whether it is a tasty zucchini or another annoying weed (dandelion wine anyone?!?). We plant our gardens to suit our unique individual tastes, why not in our yoga practice or whatever else you are going to enjoy today?

Our inner spirit as well as the way in which we present ourselves to the (insert something that resonates with you this lovely Wednesday morning here ______) world needs to be picked and tossed away every so often. Only You can plant the garden of your heart and only You can choose the way in which you weed the garden of your life.


This is a really broad conversation to have with yourself and one that I have often. All of us are exposed to new ideas, new poses, new movements all of the time. Ask yourself this question today before you pick a new workout from Shape magazine or a trendy yoga pose from some random blog-o-post: Will this make me happy?!?

Be well today!

CultFit Sun

5 Comments on “Sweep”

  1. Sandra says:

    What a great thing to put in my head before bed, this amazing spring day. Thank you. I think I’m going to meditate on that before I hit the hay.

  2. Still searching for what makes me truly happy, and not just content.

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