After The Moon

Sick of it whatever it’s called sick of the names
I dedicate every pore to what’s here-

Thanksgiving is already here and taking a page from the retail sector … Let’s skip thinking about Thanksgiving and look forward to a favorite subject of ours: New Year’s resolutions.

“This will finally be the year I lose twenty-five pounds, stop drinking on the weekends (until St Patrick’s Day … ), save some money, finish the basement, spend more quality time with the family.” Do any of these resolutions sound familiar?  The arrival of the Holiday Season naturally lends itself to valiant attempts on our part at making a fresh start.  The problem is that these resolutions are not so easy to achieve.

What if we told you, today – the day before Thanksgiving can be your New Year?!?

It’s time to sober up peeps, go ahead and take another self pic of yourself on the scale to post and look in the mirror instead of looking at your phone as you take another glamorous duck face pic … Do not avoid your current health in this moment, reflect on your current health.  This moment is your second chance.

Our culture is obsessed with instant transformations and makeovers, hello: Turn the TV on one evening and what do you see?.  What we just asked you above is not easy and making firm resolutions for genuine change is even harder.  In this moment reflect and your past and commit yourself to genuine change.

What were you thinking this time last year … The vicious cycle begins anew.

The Plan-

Link of the Day:  Un-Hear-It  <— This is a must clicky today peeps!?!

The Workout-

Some Happy Hips and a little Balance Beam work followed by:

Hill Sprint + 15 Hard Style KB Swings (at the top)

20 is a nice harmless number.

**If you are going to beat the hell out of yourself all Holiday Season?  Might as well do it in a nurturing fashion then …**


Reflect, today is your second chance … ENJOY!!!

9 Comments on “After The Moon”

  1. This year I will…(yes, that’s me too)

  2. garagegym107 says:

    It’s taken me 12 years and I’m still changing. Love the post. 🙂

  3. Sucks to “New Year’s Resolutions” !!!! How about “It’s 6am” Resolutions?

  4. LizForADay says:

    Given up the whole new years resolution thing along time ago and I will start on Monday mantra. If I decide to do something different then I make an effort to start from that moment. Now is the time! 🙂

  5. Today is always the day to do something. Want to loose weight? Then think about what you are eating right now. not tomorrow and not after you eat 5 slices of pizza with a few beers.
    All actions need to be done TODAY. Tomorrow never comes, we just keep putting it off.
    A little bit of effort today and everyday will make a big difference in the long run.
    I are a lot today for Thanksgiving, but I also went out for a run in the AM and a run in the PM for a total of 12 miles.
    We don’t need no resolutions. We need to make committments to ourselves.

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