Four Minutes To Twelve

All things are difficult before they are easy-

Strange days have found us

Strange days have tracked us down

They’re going to destroy our casual joys

Quick test this morning while the tea brews:  Say this simple word out loud: Gratitude .

Was this hard for you?  Did we struggle saying just one little word?  For many of us, thinking and passing forward appreciative thoughts is completely natural and something we do on a daily basis.   This underlying and authentic appreciation for all “things” good in our lives helps us to not only live longer, feel a little better and most importantly: Creating positive connections with the world around us.  Gratitude …

Just as you would cultivate other positive habits, gratitude begins at an early age and needs to nurtured throughout our lives.  And NO!  It’s never too late to start getting aboard the Gratitude Bandwagon.  The ass-hats around you will start to like what they see and hear from you each day.

Where does this leave us?  Practice, practice gratitude daily.  We are ever so grateful you are here with us today!  There, that’s a spiffy start!

The Plan-

The Workout-

If there is one thing to be said about CultFit Readers:  Attention to detail is lacking or non-existent at times.  So on that note we are going to lay out what the goal is this week, no more beating around the bush.  Yes, it is possible to learn to do a proper Push Up without beating the living sh!t out of yourself.  Do we need to read this last sentence again?!?

Moving on … A nice flowing Trail Run (or whatever else you choose) with a good friend followed by:

Find a nice comfy spot to stop and face one another in a High Plank Perfect Push Up position (mess around with a Hinge Walk Out to get your distance correct).  While looking your partner in the eye, touch your right hand to their right hand then switch and go left to left … criss cross applesauce works as well.  This is not a contest!!!  Continue alternating hands/arms until both of you are too tired to go on.

Remember you have to Run back home?!?


Don’t worry peeps, we are grateful you made it this far into the post!  Be well today and ENJOY!!!

25 Comments on “Four Minutes To Twelve”

  1. Evie Cordova says:

    Today is a hard day for me and I am so GRATEFUL to have read this post! Thank you!!!

  2. Jill says:

    I’m grateful for your words every day – inspiring, encouraging, positive. Thanks for the time you invest in your readers.

  3. urbanbeings says:

    Thank you for another reason to be grateful! love reading your blog! 🙂 loving the workout too! hehe, a smiley orange! if i were orange i would smile too! 😀

    • CultFit says:

      The workout today is so much fun to do with a friend! Even the one from yesterday is a blast … Its about having fun, being fully present and lastly: Working on a push up.
      Be well today!!!

  4. I loved this piece! Gratitude. Yea that about sums it up. Thank you again today.

  5. garagegym107 says:

    Love it… “We don’t have to, we GET to” An attitude of gratitude!

  6. Susan says:

    I’m grateful for the random smiling pictures this week!

  7. BroadBlogs says:

    I am grateful to read a blog post that reminds me to be grateful.

  8. nthefitzone says:

    I am grateful for these posts. Smiling now 🙂 I want an orange.

  9. Grateful that what you say always has such resonance! Here’s my link from today if you’re interested– some quick and practical tools to help us all get better : )))

  10. Reblogged this on Horsham Gets Fit and commented:
    CultFit — always insightful and resonant.

  11. bgddyjim says:

    On the gratitude, I would never disagree, because to do so with one who possesses a ninja-like wit would lead to much anguish on my part, bit if you will allow me this… The end result is passing gratitude on to ingrates about you, indeed, but first, they will retaliate – to see if they can bring you back down to their level first… Only after that fails will the correct shift occur. Call it a cautious clarification – an addendum if you will.

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