Somethin’ Else

The mind must learn that beyond the moving mind there is the background of awareness which does not change-

Today we want to spend some time with you exploring what we enjoy the most in life.  We are doing this so we can distract ourselves from our negative thoughts and re-focus on what we enjoy the most!

The success of this post depends on you, our Dear Reader … We’ll get this started off on the right note:

Yoga.  Not the hot, sweaty Old Man Yoga.  Certainly not the competitive, who has the best yoga-pants yoga (You know who you are!?!).  What we enjoy the most is simple, peaceful, meditative, rejuvenating yoga.

The days when we can sit back and not worry about doing anything.  Its wonderful going for a walk in the morning not worrying about an appointment later in the day.

Trail Running/MTB’ing and Cycling.  The peace of being alone with Nature is fine although with the right Mate or Chica?  Time well spent as long as they buy the first drink.

Walking.  Each and everyday.  Yup, It’s not the manliest thing to do or the most ELITE.  Who cares!

We now turn this over to you.  Chime in with a pithy answer on what you enjoy the most!!!

The Plan-

The Workout-

Tools needed for today’s program:  1. A sweet stainless steel goniometer.  2. Look up the degree of motion in a non-weight bearing SI Joint (2.5 degrees) and a weight-bearing SI Joint (0.2 degrees for an average desk jockey peep).  3.  The most important tool … You!

A keen attention to details will pay off handsomely, trust us.  At the risk of making this really wordy and nauseating:  We have really stripped this down to the bare minimum without showing pictures.  If you suffer from a bad back, this program is a must if done correctly.  For more specific directions and maybe pics?  Please by all means email us.  If you want to jack your self up on a lovely Tuesday morning?  Pretend this is an AMRAP, High Intensity interval, Tababta program … You have been warned!

Lets start with a really nice, flowing Sun Salutation series.  Followed by:

**Take a moment to measure three degrees of rotation using your handy-dandy tool, it’s not very much is it?**

While standing (Second toe, knee, hip, boney shoulder bit should all be in-line): Scissor kick <—Horrid exercise but we captured the visual for you, Forward, To the Side, To the Rear:  3 degrees only.  This is a very slight movement:  While standing.  Work on this for a few minutes alternating legs.

**This is the only time you may use a wall for inversions!  Do not do this program in a yoga pose head stand!!!**

Gracefully flow into a Handstand … Level and stacked hips, allow your breath to control tension.  Perform 10 of our slight “kicks” — These are not “kicks” but you get the point.  Front , Side and Rear for each leg.  If you take your time you should be in a Handstand for One Minute.  Flow back down to the earth beneath you and perform 10 Perfect Push Ups.

4 to 5 times through would be a good healthy start.


Torque, Force Closure, Pelvic Stability, Load Transfer … What does all this mean exactly?  Feel the twinge in your back when you do crazy mindless movements?!?

Have a splendid day peeps … ENJOY!!!

18 Comments on “Somethin’ Else”

  1. Jaz says:

    You are NOT sticking your finger up my butt are you? I am the only one allowed to be moody

    • CultFit says:

      Not quite sure what to type here: The wise ass in me wants to go one way, yet the dude side in me wants to chill … So we can be moody together. 😉
      Finger, Butt, Moody … A lot of wiggle room right there. 🙂

  2. bipolarmuse says:

    Personally… I enjoy orgasms… they tend to make me forget about anything negative. Just wanted to share.

    • CultFit says:

      **This folks, is how we go about business. Pithy, to the point.**
      Titillating example of a way suppress negative thoughts. Alone, or with a passionate partner? Makes no difference to me.
      I hope all is well, take care! 🙂

  3. My sadhana: Exercise, meditation, and massage…

  4. craft fear says:

    Where did you get that fantastically creepy photo? Love it!

    • CultFit says:

      Most of the pics I post are submitted by readers just like you! The Hi-Res versions of this picture is simply amazing. Thank you stopping over, you never know what you might see over here … 😉

  5. MTalaminiLevine says:

    Taking my time cooking something amazing that I can share with others! I love jumping head first into a new crazy recipe. I once spent 4 hours making 12 banana fosters cupcakes that were stuffed and frosted:)

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