True To Myself …

Indeed, Truth sounds like its opposite-

Cool story in the news:  Annaleise Carr  A shining example of what defined goals can help you achieve!  Or if you quiver at the thought of training specifically for the task at hand?  Here is your consolation prize:  A Nice Wine Glass.

On any given day there are quite a few things that bring joy to us:  Waking up on time, missing all the red lights heading to the gym, the first hello and kind greeting we share with another person in our lives.  Is it safe to assume that most of  you reading today feel the same way?

Then something strange and rather peculiar begins to happen:  The ear buds go in, we fire up the “killer” play list and our smiles disappear into a consortium of grunting and screaming sounds … Struggling and fighting the not only the workout but the day as well.

Somethings in life are worth repeating … Life is not a competition.  Life is more about health and healing than it is taking a picture of yourself in the mirror at the gym this morning.  Life is simply about taking care of yourself.  Too many times we have witnessed people using Yoga, Pilates, (Any other program)  as a means of getting somewhere, to achieving something.  Life is all about being Authentic as You Are.

These are profound words to be digesting so early in the week.  They are also rather easy to attack as non-sense and idiotic from your I Take The Easy Stance soapbox.  One way to put it is to either compete to your eventual death or enjoy each and every second of your life?

The Plan-

The Workout-

Hey!  Look at the lovely patina on the BOOKENDS over here  …

In the morning:  A nice quick intense Warm Up and our Farmers Walk Medley.

In the evening:  Happy Hips Warm Up followed by 55 Perfect Pull Ups.


Sadly, only 1.046% of the people reading today take the time daily to take care of themselves, enjoying the beautiful bounties of life along the way.

Boobs peeps, its all about the boobs and The Rock!  ENJOY!!!

22 Comments on “True To Myself …”

  1. Garagegym107 says:

    As usual, love your post.

    Especially this:
    “or enjoy each and every second of your life?”

    That you left this end a question. Because this is a choice.

    It takes time and patience to slow down and enjoy the simple act of enjoying just the slightest second of our lives.

    Whether they are filled with sticky little peanut butter and jelly fingers or whether they are filled with angst over a college kid being on his own. Every second is ours.

  2. Jill says:

    Nice post.
    For the life of me, I can’t imagine the Family Feud question.
    And you don’t seem like “take picture of yourself in the mirror at the gym” people. 😉

  3. I love putting in my headphones and heading out for a run 3 days a week. The other days are reserved for weight training or cycling. I love seeing other runners out there, as I pass by each and every one of them I say hi and smile. Even if it’s not returned, I still do it! It’s the little things in life!

    • CultFit says:

      So true! Its amazing what can be achieved with a “Hi” and a “Smile”!

    • Somer says:

      I still don’t get those runners that don’t smile and wave back. Runner smiles and high fives to you!

      • CultFit says:

        Same here, I don’t get it at times. Long story … My running days seem to be over, injuries and stuff like that. I have been out on my bike a ton recently building up strength in my knee. Anyways, I leave the house early to avoid traffic and to get on the trails at a decent hour. I have found the early runners and bikers to me more pleasant and friendly than the afternoon crowd. Small sample size and completely random although I get such a good vibe in the AM.
        Do virtual hi-fives count?!?

  4. Those were great words to digest this early in the week, for me!! It’s great to be reminded how beautiful life can be when we strip away the sense of competing and appreciate ourselves as we are no matter where we stand on a fitness level or in life in general. Thank you! 🙂

    • CultFit says:

      You are always welcome and thank you for stopping over today.

      I hold these thoughts close to my heart, I literally have almost pushed myself to death competing, for what really?

      Wish you and the kiddos the best and please be well!!!

  5. Somer says:

    Happy hips? I only wish I could do a SINGLE pull up. My new goal. I have a bar…

  6. urbanbeings says:

    it’s always about the boobs!

  7. lizforaday says:

    I love the taking it easy approach. As long I as I remember I still have goals in my sights. I try not to take life to seriously personally. What would be the fun in working too hard at anything. 🙂

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