Am I Still Alive …

Take me all the way.  Bring to the fire.  Throw me in the flames-

Snobbery.  Do we agree that snobbery is an awesome word not only to say but it looks pretty hot as well?  Snobbery … Hmm tasty eight letter word.

Psychologists have long agreed that Snobbery is not a question of tastes. What makes someone a snob is the tendency to look down on others and treat them with condescension.  Here’s a fine example of Snobbery in action:

Two-Buck Chuck’ Snags Top Wine Prize

Snobbery comes from the inside out; it’s all about how you perceive other people. Quick show of hands:  How many of you shop at a local market and look down at people who shop at a chain?  Or maybe you have the latest and greatest trainers and shun the low life’s who can’t afford $$$ athletic gear?  It’s one thing to spend your Saturdays munching on haute granola and quite another to look down on the people eating Corn Flakes.

Make do doubt about yourself; you were born of insecurity. An example is in order: The asparagus framed barista with the beret who feels awfully bad about himself, so he derides customers’ taste in organic coffee grinds to make himself feel culturally superior? He genuinely feels and believes he is better than others.

Are you sensitive to criticism and rejection?  Hmmmm … Snobbery.  What a great word to start the weekend with!!!

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The Plan-

Be sure to check out: Magical Game Time

The Workout-

Queue this song up:

Pull out your B*E*A*R CultFit T-Shirt on and give this a go for 30-45 minutes:

10 KB Goblet Squat

10 KB Snatch Right Arm to Overhead

10 KB Overhead Squat Right Arm

10 KB Snatch Left Arm to Overhead

10 KB Overhead Squat Left Arm

10 Hard Style KB Swings


Were off to the fair today!  Have fun peeps and ENJOY!!!

17 Comments on “Am I Still Alive …”

  1. jazfagan says:

    I really can’t stand snobs with their “holy than thou attitude!”

  2. I’ve been on the bottom rung all my life. I’m used to snobs and actually fell sorry for them. Someone once said “Life is a box of Chocolates”.We are all in the box together. Learn from those who can teach – help those that need help – bring a smile to everyones face…life can be good if you make it good.

  3. Some just don’t get life; that if you have been given provisions that doesn’t make you entitled or better. I too come from a lower middle class family and I have worked my butt off. The best part of being 50ish is not giving a damn what others think especially those that are so insecure they have to try to bring others down. Wow…sorry for the mini rant.

  4. Melanie says:

    I think that Ani DiFranco put it best in “Letter to a John,” when she said, “I don’t think that I’m better than you, but I don’t think that I’m worse.”

    Snobbery sucks.

    As does reverse snobbery, a.k.a.diminished self worth!

    Afterall, we’re all just people, people!

  5. urbanbeings says:

    great CultFit design, me likey! can i get one for my wall? snobbery = snobbery-the s… i’m just say’n… have an amazing weekend 🙂

  6. vgrandja says:

    Here is something you didn’t know about me…and I hope you don’t mind that I am open with what I’d like to say – even though we never met in person. I am not a snob, I’m more of a kickass woman. Anybody who does another some wrong I will give them **** for it – as an example of how I kick as.

    As for what snobbery brings to my mind (and this is not meant as an insult) I think “shnots”. I think snobs are awful people.

  7. I’ve been on “blog hiatus” for a bit and just read several of your posts. I love the honesty and insight you convey. Thank you for writing openly about things that can really make us better people. Your approach is always humble and sincere yet direct and impactful. Much food for thought (and action) up here : )))

    • CultFit says:

      Thank you so much for your kind encouraging words. Also congrats for having the patience to read more than one post in a sitting. 🙂 All kidding aside … Your comment has really moved me, thank you!!! Have a great weekend and please be well!

  8. garagegym107 says:

    Move the C & the F a tad closer to the logo. Just my .02. Have a great weekend and FWIW 2 buck chuck ain’t so bad either! 😉

    • CultFit says:

      Will do and thank you for your input. Arts and crafts are so not my thing. 😉 I’ll be looking for 2 buck chuck this weekend right after I pick up a bottle of Lambrusco to make sangria with!

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