Friday 27 April 2012

Anything that can feel pain should not be put to pain-

What are the chances of you keeping a secret?  Cool…We are so excited to announce that on Monday a dear friend will be stopping by to pay a visit.  Which reminds us to clean up a bit over the weekend and maybe shave?  Anyways, Melissa with Sweet Wholesome Health is kind and gracious enough to share her expertise in all things that can bring us closer to a healthy and happier life.  If ever there was a time where we were lost for words this would be that time.  Melissa passionately provides pure and thoughtful information that we can all use in our daily lives.  Not since when the Boston Bruins were eliminated from the NHL playoffs have we been this excited about something.

Well it’s happened once again.  You have wasted precious seconds from your life reading the musings here at CultFit all week.  We tossed a fair amount of  stuff out into the abysses and we sincerely hope it “clicked” with some of you.  Today’s post was going to go over Factual Fitness and Contextual Fitness.  But who really cares?  We’ll save it for sometime next week…Sound like a plan?

Speaking of which.  One way to look at CultFit would be as a conversation amongst all of us (followers, friends and lurkers).  If there is something you are passionate about and would like to share please pipe up and send it in.  No kidding, Uncle Frank here has a whole weeks worth or writing dedicated to the best hot dogs on earth:  Hofmann Hot Dogs!!!   You NYC types can take your Sabretts, Nathan’s and well?  You know what to do with them!?!

The Plan-

And your excuse today is?!?

The Workout-

Thank you Sister Margret for sending in this little gem of a program before the weekend begins!!!

Warm Up as you see fit…We choose to do a Pulse Trail Run (basically a nice flowing run with pulses/bursts up the steep bits…Followed by:

**You did remember to bring a kettle bell or dumbbell with you to the trail this morning, right?  Hmm Farmers Walk to the trail head…?!?**

At this point in our relationship its fair to say that you don’t leave home without some sort of technology strapped to your delicate body every morning.  Good because we need something to keep time today or you could be like Uncle Pliny and watch the sun rise above the horizon…15 degrees = 15 minutes or so?

Find a tree and…

Hand Stand Hold (Actively press away from the ground beneath you.  Toes point to the sky.)  Please do not flop down…Flow and Grace…Followed by:

15 One Legged Dead Lifts (Weight is held opposite of standing leg.  Your chin and tail bone are mortal enemy’s…Focus and pull them away from one another!)

Hand Stand Hold

15 One Legged Dead Lifts (Following along so far?  Good…)

Hand Stand Hold

15 One Legged Dead Lifts and 15 Perfect One Arm Press (Hinge, DL, Hammer Curl to Rack Hold and Press)

Hand Stand Hold

15 One Legged Dead Lifts and 15 Perfect One Arm Press

At this point you hate life.  This program is not a battle or a struggle against humanity!  The tree really dislikes you because you slam into it every time for a hold and the ground really does not like having weight dropped on its head.  Form, Flow and Grace for at least 30 minutes or so.  If you can only do one DL or Press?  That’s awesome!!!  One perfect rep is better than 15 disastrous ones (think about that for a moment…)!!!


If we were to ask one thing of you it would be this:  Our sense of community at CultFit revolves around you and our ability share our thoughts openly.  What say you?!?  Have a great weekend and most importantly, ENJOY!!!

25 Comments on “Friday 27 April 2012”

  1. Kimberly / says:

    Love that last little graphic “You will succeed because most people are lazy.” I think all high school and college graduates need to learn that one… give even just 101% and you will excel because most people are content to sit on their rears. Have a great Friday!

    • CultFit says:

      You are so correct and spot on! Pretty much applies to anything today: Athletics, studies and schooling, career, parenting…Enjoy your Friday as well and have a great weekend!!!

  2. Reed says:

    I love that headstone. What an inspiration to get up and fight on. Makes our daily battles seem infinitesimal.

  3. I love this workout…but I’m scared to do it! Ha ha! I’ll attempt this craziness tomorrow…and am looking frwd to it!

    • CultFit says:

      Come on don’t be scared 😉 If you look at what you have been doing recently and “sprinkle” in some inversion (which I swear by)…This is a lot of fun. I actually did this program this morning and once you awaken your body, you kinda just flow right through it. By all means mess with the reps to a point where you feel you have a few more left in you (push a bit not too much). Be safe and have a great weekend!!!

  4. Amanda says:

    I suppose I’ll have to succeed after work – I was one of the 99% who were too lazy to get off the couch this morning. Post goal-accomplishment-buzz worn off.

    • CultFit says:

      Nothing wrong with a little couch time in the AM. You still have the rest of the day and three more full days of playing with “house money” as far as your mileage is concerned! Rest up and enjoy your weekend!!!

  5. 1stjoeyanna says:

    I’ve nominated you for the Versitile Blogger award! Please go see!

  6. morningtear says:

    Thank you for reading, and following my blog!

    I love the picture with the words “Think less, feel more…” and so on. It’s so true! You’ve got a lot of true words on here!

  7. morningtear says:

    Thank you for liking and following my blog (post). Love this blog post and especially the picture starting with the words “Think less, feel more”

  8. jesco b. ignatius says:

    yes! most people are lazy! I am thrilled to have found your blog!

  9. Kammie says:

    I love the color coded quotes. So true!

  10. bencrush says:

    Another great blog post! I’m really enjoying going back through the past posts too. Added you to my blogroll and it’s one of the few I check every time I log on.

    Ben Edwards

  11. mouseytong says:

    Your motivational posts rock! Thank you for dropping by my blog.

  12. eof737 says:

    I love the quotes you used and that poster… 🙂 I’m finally catching up again on blog posts. Thanks for your patience! 🙂

  13. random8042 says:

    As master Yoda once said: “fear leads to anger, anger leads to hatred, hatred leads to SUFFERING!” (Muahahahahaaa…..)

  14. Becky J. says:

    Thank you for following! I totally appreciate the blog love 🙂

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