Monday 30 April 2012

You are having many falls, you are losing the fight. Your fame is all noise and commotion. My friend, you are saying you will uplift the world, But what about yourself?-

The Nutrition Equation…

Ever feel overwhelmed by the equation of nutrition (% of fat vs % protein vs % carbs etc)?  Calculating what’s right for you does not mean you have to break out the calculator.  Of course some of you ( accountant types) might enjoy that but for the rest of us that is just adding more painful work into our busy lives.

Here are some ways you can add both fun and more healthy food into your daily routine!

Get out of your comfort zone one baby step at a time.  While you are getting ready in the morning (washing your hair, getting dressed) set a goal for yourself to try something new today.  Don’t change your whole meal…Just add one new ingredient!  Let yourself get excited about it and be proud when you accomplish your goal!

Find out what is seasonal and available right now in your area.  It will be lower cost, very fresh and will support your local farmers.  There are lots of websites out there that can give you this info and a list of farmers markets you can find them at.

Local Harvest <–Like this one here!!!

Get creative!  Whatever local food you chose, take a sec to find a recipe that is going to get your taste buds excited and will be fun to make.  For those of you experiencing spring it can be as simple as trying a new kind of lettuce or leafy green (kale, Swiss chard, arugala).  You do not have to be a master chef to make tasty meals just willing to try.  Leafy greens like kale are packed full of vitamins and minerals and only take a few minutes to cook!

Eating healthier and being healthy is a unique journey for each and every one of us. Take time to discover how YOU are going to get there!
I am so excited to be a part of the CultFit community and to be here to help you “Find the Happy in Being Healthy”! For more information about me and what I do check out or my blog at

Healthy needs to be more fun!

Melissa Talamini Levine
Holistic Health and Wellness Coach
Sweet Wholesome Health

The Plan-

The Workout-

Listen up, yeah you!!!  Pulled from our “Focus on something” series here at the CultFit archives…

Warm Up thoroughly doing the following:

25 Four Count Jumping Jacks

50 Goblet Squats

25 Perfect Push Ups

10 Perfect Pull Ups

45 Second High Push Up Plank

Who would have thought that Calisthenics were invented yesterday?  Now take a moment to put your honest face on  peeps…If we told you the above was a new P90x extreme workout or some ELITE WOD would you be interested?  Oh look Booby is now the mayor of Whole Foods on Four Square…

Four, Five, Six or Seven times through would be pretty nice followed by an activity you thoroughly enjoy (we went for a nice swim)!!!


If you could put down your iThingy in the seat next to you on your morning commute this morning?  We have favor to ask of you…Look in your rear view mirror for a second.  Do you see that?  Say hello to your own worst enemy…Take a long hard look at this picture this morning peeps:

We are going to tackle a serious issue that is all to prevalent amongst our readers tomorrow.  If you have an idea where this going to go feel free to comment to get the proverbial ball rolling…Once again our thanks to Melissa from Sweet Wholesome Health for stopping over and sharing an important message with us today!  Have fun and ENJOY!!!

18 Comments on “Monday 30 April 2012”

  1. Jacklyn says:

    Ok, this is by far one of the best blogs I’ve read in a while….giving you a standing ovation my friend. Loved it!

  2. vgrandja says:

    Hi! I had forgotten about the jumping jacks. I’ll do some today. It will be like stretching and sort of some other physical fitness activity.

    I attended a six-week cooking workshop and part of it was to learn about nutrition and the percentage I need to consume daily. The % was upsetting. I was thinking which foods to buy that will give me the most % of each vitamin and mineral and on top of that keep proportion sizes. So, I found some foods that seem to be high in many vitamins: Kraft Dinner is one. So I’ve added this to my weekly grocery shopping. The one new thing I have been cooking for two weeks now is soup: about 50% fresh parsley and 50% chicken noodles. The soup, when cooked, looks more green than yellow. You might think it was spinach soup.

  3. nerdygymrat says:

    I am all about variety, and I share that with everyone who asks my advice on fitness and diet. If you get bored, you get disinterested and you plateau. Fantastic read!

    • CultFit says:

      Please let me know how you get on with it? Also this is really great to do with the kids when it’s nice outside…Inside I tend to break stuff 😉

      • Haha, I could see how that would happen! I really loved it though. Next time I’ll probably opt for outside too! I’m kind of limited for space at the moment anyway! plus I need monkey bars or something to get those pull-ups done. What do you recommend as a sub for that? I just threw in a shoulder press not really knowing.. I only made it through 4 times through… whoa mama lol, 7 sounds crazy!! Anyway, I just HAD to link you in my post this afternoon. 🙂

        Looking forward to hearing more about this enemy business!!

        • CultFit says:

          Thank you for taking the time to share the ramblings here in your post. There are a lot of ways to go about patterning and progressing into doing a proper pull up. Since each person is unique I would feel more comfortable asking you in an email? Just let me know as I am more than willing to help you out, plus pull ups are really cool!!!

  4. urbanbeings says:

    great advice about eating local fresh food with variety, win win for everyone. once I tried to work out all the nutritional content of what I was eating for a week… then i decided life is too short 😉 one quick way I asses if I am eating ok is to look at the contents of my shopping basket (who am i kidding, trolly) before the check out. the majority should be veg and fruit (mostly veg), then protein (fish, meat, yogurt, eggs , then nuts and dried fruit, bit & bobs, a loaf of wholemeal soda bread, and usually some chocolate will jump in at the last second… gotta watch that chocolate

    sweet workout, me thinks one for the weekend 🙂

    • CultFit says:

      You’re not one of “those” ladies at Tesco with a push trolly full of goodies? Originally I had planned on burpees instead of jumping jacks…If it was you and I doing burpees where we can keep an eye on form, maybe! They can really change the dynamic of this simple program quick both good and bad 😉 Let me know when you give it a go!!!

      • urbanbeings says:

        to be honest, most of my trolly is full of broccoli. i like broccoli, feel like a giant eating trees 🙂 yay burpees! they are an amazing all-rounder. having a workout bud to check form would be super helpful! gonna save this w/o for sunday! who says i don’t plan!

  5. Miss Molly says:

    Awesome post – just linked you in my post!

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  8. pilates evolution now says:

    Agree and love this! I know I get so tangled up sometimes getting my macros right and find I was tending to eat just to make up a daily % rather than for nutrition. Its SO easy to get stuck in an eating habit and I think one thing a day is not overwhelming, its easy to commit to and a great idea.

    Love the blog, Peta

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