Friday 2 March 2012

Believing oneself to be perfect is often the sign of a delusional mind-

We believe it is time to have a heart to heart with you our dear reader.  Other blog-0-types like to hold your hand and sweet talk you all the while spewing hypothetical little spells into your ear.  If you enjoy being coddled and micro managed (horribly over used word)?  We are at ease with that, we truly are.  This all stems from our breathing chat this past week and how only a handful of peeps actually get “it”.  Oh well, rocking out to Nickleback and literally beating yourself to death running junk miles gets people off.  Yeah we could have traveled down the beaten and worn out science and methodology path as it relates to breathing; to what avail?  Maybe a Top 10 list of exercises to help you breathe more efficiently would have been in order?  The message we presented to you was an empowering one to allow the feeling of breathe to gently ease into your Social Media tuned out from existence life…The sad thing is if we would have said this:  Derrick Rose is the most fraudulent MVP in NBA history (Well he is…deal with it).  You would have stood up in defense and chimed in with some frothy dribble.

Today’s sign of the coming Apocalypse:

The Plan-

The Workout-

This is a culmination of all our work this week.  Listen to your breath and allow it to be at the forefront of the movements today.

Not for time…

Warm Up as you see fit followed by:

5 Pillar DB/KB Hammer Curls flowing into 5 One Arm Perfect Presses (feet together, toes grabbing the floor-eyes forward-arm pits out-ears touch bicep at top of press)

Perform this for 25 minutes or so…Maybe get up to lets say: 200 total reps for each arm?!?  Followed by:

30 Second Perfect Pull Up Hangs- Last 5 Seconds perform 1 Perfect Pull Up (Lengthen, flow, grace- thumb over top- allow your breath to escape you and return as you pull one perfect rep)

Perform this for 15 minutes or 15 Perfect reps


That’s it!  We promise no more talk about breathing…maybe?  Science, charts and beating you over the head work for some, not us.  Pay attention to your body and listen:  It truly is amazing.  And by amazing we don’t mean Nickleback amazing!?!  Have a great weekend and ENJOY!!!

3 Comments on “Friday 2 March 2012”

  1. turbocandy says:

    Well baby yoga, that’s burned into my brain for ever and ever now. Thanks. lol

  2. Is it sad that they actually had to do a story to state “This isn’t healthy or safe”? Yes, yes I think it is.

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