Wednesday 29 February 2012

Second star to the right…and straight on ’til morning-

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In case you haven’t noticed today is a bonus day this year.  Others will make a big to do about it and probably pen some witty blog-o-piece about doing something outrageous today to celebrate…NOT US!!!

We honestly hope you understand our lack of science this week when it comes to breathing.  We could bore you to death with charts and graphs and all sorts of wonderful illustrations of human anatomy (You albóndiga’s would like that!).  What good would it do rather than serve as yet another distraction for you during the day?

Instead fire up the Google Machine, crack open a fresh VitaCoco and read up on:  Bellows Breathing

The Plan-

The Workout-

Prefacing the program today with “Don’t be an Idiot…

Warm-Up like you have been doing all week and then simply lie on the floor in a corpse pose…Just lie there for about ten minutes feeling your breath.  Then call over the kids, your cat, or something that weighs about 5-15 lbs or so and gently place it below your ribs and on top of your diaphragm.  The tension you need to keep from folding in two is the tension we want you to have during all of our programs, Understand?  If you don’t take a moment to read it again…So on that note:

10 Sets of 10 Perfect Push Ups (Chin touch, Eyes Forward, Feet Together at the bottom…Allow your breath to release you from the floor)

High Push Up Plank at the Top for 10 Seconds

Rules:  A few of you will be able to perform the program today unbroken and a few of you will be absolutely broken by doing this wrong.  Either way anytime you drop from the High Push Up Plank you add another Perfect Push Up to the next set.  Are we on the same page here?  We have set the over/under at:  125 Total Perfect Push Ups.  How will you do?!?


Have fun enjoying your extra 24 hours!  No really have a blast and ENJOY!!!

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